Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/1/ (FILE 1 )

List of Items PR4/1/ (FILE 1)

1 Draft acceptance speech of Terence MacSwiney on his appointment as Lord Mayor of Cork. Details his great admiration and respect for his predecessor the late Tomás MacCurtain and strongly emphasises the need for a continued effort on behalf of the Irish people to press for independence and a strong and efficient republic. [20-30 March 1920] 5pp 2 Anonymous MS letter to MacSwiney urging him to put a stop to any plot to assassinate District Inspector Swansea (Oswald R. Swanzy) or injure any other member of the police force. Warns that otherwise MacSwiney and then three others will be murdered in retaliation. [March 1920] 2pp 3 Annotated copy letter from MacSwiney to Art Ó’Gríobhtha (Arthur Griffith), Acting President Dáil Éireann, regarding MacSwiney's possible absence from the forthcoming Conference on Local Administration due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest and the difficulty this creates when travelling. Notes that he will forward a statement about the effects of the British Local Government Boards on Irish civic administration and acknowledges Griffith's agreement with Cork Corporation's resolution relating to the inquest of the late Lord Mayor (Tomás

MacCurtain). 30 April 1920


4 Circular General Order number 3 1920 (New series) issued by the Adjutant General (Gearóid O'Sullivan) of the Irish Volunteers commanding Volunteers not to make any statements regarding their whereabouts or actions to the police or other English officials unless held at a routine checkpoint and then only in the simplest possible manner. Notes that the alert Volunteer will cleverly avoid even this action. 21 May 1920 1p 5 Circular General Order number 4 1920 (New series) issued by the Adjutant General (Gearóid O'Sullivan) of the Irish Volunteers regarding the conduct of Volunteers in military and civil matters. Notes that the Volunteer movement is essentially a military force with the right to intervene in civil matters but that in both cases Volunteers should act only under official direction and that all such action should be fully supported by an officer in command.

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