Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

34 Copy financial statement issued by Micheál O’Coileáin (Michael Collins), Minister for Finance, detailing total income, payments made to the Treasury from Government Departments, proposed estimates from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and statements of loans or amounts received from Irish constituencies, Great Britain and the United States of America. 25 June 1920-5 August 1920 4pp 35 MS letter of recommendation to MacSwiney from Frank Barrett, Battalion Commandant, Mid Clare Brigade, supporting Thomas Kelleher's unauthorised visit to the United States of America and vouching for his return. 29 June 1920 2pp 36 MS letter to MacSwiney from Commandant T.H. (Tom Hales) Cork No.3 Brigade regarding the successful negotiations for the purchase of Kilbrittain Castle and its lands by the local Sinn Féin Club. Requests MacSwiney's help in settling this matter and asks about the possibility of a loan from Dail Headquarters. 30 June 1920 1p 37 MacSwiney's copy preliminary report on the Limerick Technical Institute examined under the headings of Educational Ideal, Organisation of classes, Keeping of registers, Teaching methods and Administration. Strongly criticises the school's administration under the present principal and recommends an increase in staff salaries, class re-organisation, improved teaching methods and the continued support of the Dail. Also notes that the classes were unfortunately closed at the time of inspection and that he was the only inspector appointed. [June-July 1920] 4pp 38 Copy report by MacSwiney on the Limerick Technical Institute. Criticises the poor working of administration particularly the principal's position and recommends improvement through an increase in staff salaries, class re- organisation, better record-keeping, specialist teachers and regular inspections. [June-July 1920] 4pp 39 [June-July 1920] See copy PR4/4/38 40 Circular issued by MacSwiney to all Battalion Commandants strongly condemning raids on private individuals, requesting immediate inquiries and special readings of the General Order and threatening that any Irish Volunteer found guilty will be expelled permanently from all branches of the Irish Republican Army.

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