Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

of his mission in the United States of America and strongly defending his criticism of the Chicago Convention. Records that he is attempting to put right the American recognition of the British Government in Ireland but notes that the previous understatement of Ireland's claim was very harmful, that the friends of Irish Freedom should have taken more action, that the charges against him of misusing Irish funds are malicious and that no doubt the people of Ireland like himself are very disappointed. 19 June 1920 2pp 29 Copy letter from MacSwiney to the Minister of Defence (Cathal Brugha) acknowledging receipt of his manifesto in regard to emigration and promising to immediately circulate it and impress on everyone that emigration is desertion. 22 June 1920 1p Headquarters without the permission of Brigade Headquarters and requesting that General Order number 2 1920 specifically relates to 'General Headquarters Staff' and not just 'Headquarters Staff'. Also acknowledges receipt of the General Order on police boycotting (number 6 1920). 22 June 1920 1p See also PR4/4/5 31 30 Copy letter from MacSwiney to C.S. (Chief of Staff, Richard Mulcahy) looking for confirmation that boycotting notices can not be issued by Battalion Copy letter from MacSwiney to C.S. (Chief of Staff, Richard Mulcahy) requesting a General Order forbidding the destruction of private property unless absolutely necessary on account of the accidental destruction of a motor car belonging to a 'friendly man' by the 2nd Brigade. 22 June 1920 1p 32 MS letter to MacSwiney from M.L. Murphy, Vice-Commandant 2nd Battalion Cork No.1 Brigade, detailing the attack on Farran Police Barracks on the night of 19 June 1920. 22 June 1920 2pp 33 Circular issued by C. O’hUigín (Kevin O'Higgins), Substitute Minister for Local Government, to all County and Borough Councils, warning that any successful criminal injury claims must first be approved by the Council Chairman and then paid out of a specific injury fund and not from general council funds. 24 June 1920 1p

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