Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

casual workers in police households are included in the boycott the wives and families of policemen should not be boycotted. [13 June 1920] 1p 22 Circular General Order number 8 1920 (new series) noting that all seizures of arms and military stores by the enemy must be reported in full to Irish Volunteer

Headquarters. 14 June 1920


23 MS letter by MacSwiney concerning his disagreement with the present choice of men and his belief in employing suitable and discreet men. 15 June 1920 1p 24 Letter to MacSwiney from Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearóid O'Sullivan) acknowledging MacSwiney's dispatches. 17 June 1920 1p 25 Copy letter from the Minister for Finance (Michael Collins) to Liam de Róiste, T.D., sternly noting that only one type of gold is needed for the Dáil Éireann Loan collection in Cork and that the collection of gold is not customary as he has already pointed out. Written in Irish. 17 June 1920 1p 26 Letter to MacSwiney from Adjutant General (Gearóid O'Sullivan) referring to the success of the trade boycott against members of the Royal Irish Constabulary indicated by the present 'commandeering of goods by the enemy'. Requests that good care be taken of any merchant who joins in the boycott and warns that goods must only be supplied 'at the point of the bayonet or revolver'. 18 June 1920 1p See also PR4/4/19 27 Letter to MacSwiney from Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearóid O'Sullivan), regarding transfers of Irish Volunteer officers to new posts. Acknowledges receipt of MacSwiney's letter with regard to Volunteer Keating and promises to transfer Keating to Liverpool as a member of the 2nd City Battalion. 18 June 1920 1p 28 Copy statement by Eamon de Valera, President Dáil Éireann, setting out the aim

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