Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

arms were taken from the barracks, whether the enemy were military or police and the numbers involved on either side. 7 June 1920 1p 16 Copy letter from MacSwiney concerning the financial problems and the legal advice offered in regard to the final break with English Local Government Boards. Problems include a rise in corporate rates, the possibility of Dublin Castle withdrawing aid and the heavy burden of malicious injury claims on the Irish Government. Advises that although each Corporation is legally liable for all claims on property and corporate funds it will be very difficult for the British Government to realise any of this. [8 June 1920] 3pp 17 Letter to MacSwiney from Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearóid O'Sullivan), requesting information on behalf of Brigade Commandant Cork No.2 Brigade, about Seán Moylan, ex-Battalion Commandant, who has just joined the No.2 Brigade having been released from Cork Jail and Cork Asylum. 9 June 1920 1p 18 Copy letter from MacSwiney to Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearóid O'Sullivan), confirming that he received despatches on outstanding schedules and special operations and will forward a reply. 9 June 1920 1p 19 Copy letter from MacSwiney to Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearóid O'Sullivan), questioning the precise meaning of General Order number 6 1920 (new series) regarding the boycott of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Records that although this Order refers to a social boycott, several queries have arisen over the directions for a trade boycott of R.I.C. members. 9 June 1920 1p See also PR4/1/7 20 MS letter to MacSwiney from O/C 6th Battalion Cork No.1 Brigade detailing the destruction of Dipsey House and Drongownagh House by the combined actions of C, D and E Companies on the night of the ninth of June 1920. 13 June 1920 1p 21 Circular issued by the General Executive of the Irish Volunteers regarding the boycotting of policemen from trade and medical services. Details that no trader is bound to supply goods unless legally or otherwise forced to but that although

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