Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

O'Sullivan), giving the dates of his correspondence with MacSwiney and asking him to reply. 31 May 1920 1p 10 Copy letter from MacSwiney to O/C 6th Battalion Cork Brigade No.1, asking him to inform Captain Murray, Courtbrack, that the incident in connection with civilians Messrs O'Donoghue and Punch is firmly closed and that in future such ases will be properly heard in accredited Courts of the Republic and not as olunteer Court-martials. 31 May 1920 1p 11 Copy letter from MacSwiney to O/C Battalion Cork No.1 Brigade commenting on enclosed copies of General Orders issued by the Irish Volunteer Headquarters (not enclosed). Details that all proclamations apply to both individual Volunteers and to each Company, that any Volunteer soldier held by the police should inform his superiors immediately, that all Volunteers should clearly distinguish between military and civil matters and that all Company despatches go immediately to Head-quarters for approval. 31 May 1920 1p 12 List and copy list of facts questions and answers regarding the authority and power of Local Authorities over the existing Local Government Boards. Includes questions on conflict between the two bodies, employee loyalty, tax payments and responsibility for surcharges, auditing inspection and sanitation. [May 1920] 5pp 13 Copy of the proposed Dáil Éireann Scheme to prevent County Council funds being used to settle claims under British Law. Details the establishment of Ratepayers' Protection Associations to collect rates, the payment of Council funds to these associations through the County Surveyor, the full co-operation of the Irish banks and the publication of the Associations' accounts. [May 1920] 2pp 14 Circular to MacSwiney from Seán Mc [F], Honorary Secretary Irish Volunteer Headquarters, requesting his written vote in favour of the proposed oath of allegiance to the Irish Republican Army. 2 June 1920 1p 15 Letter to MacSwiney from Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearóid O'Sullivan), requesting more details on the 'Blarney matter' including whether any

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