Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/4/ (FILE 4 )

2 July 1920


41 Letter from MacSwiney to O/C 6th Battalion Cork No.1 Brigade ordering immediate inquiries into unauthorised raids on William L.Kelleher, Inniscarra and John Henessy, Saint Anne's Hill, by Volunteers. Requests that Kelleher's gun be returned and that the men involved in both incidents be either court-martialled or tried in civil criminal courts in the Republic. 2 July 1920 1p See also PR4/1/15 42 Circular issued by MacSwiney to both O/C 4th Battalion and O/C 9th Battalion Cork No.1 Brigade limiting authorised raids on coastguard stations to stations only used as munitions stores but warning that no station should be burned down and that enough explosives must be left for the normal protective duties. 3 July 1920 1p 43 Copy letter to MacSwiney from O/C Cork No.3 Brigade (Tom Hales) detailing his willingness to assist in the purchase of Kilbrittain Castle and noting that it is the National Land Bank and not the Dail that has the power to lend the money. Also details his hope that a General Order will be issued regarding coastguard stations to overcome the present problems. 3 July 1920 1p 44 Copy letter from MacSwiney to C.S. (Chief of Staff, Richard Mulcahy) asking him to inquire into a statement made by Lieutenant Gumbleton (Ballymacoda Company 4th Battalion) about the possibility of employing Captain Hurley (Midleton Company) as 'permanent Organiser for IV in the 4th Battalion' and to investigate a complaint made against Lieutenant Gumbleton having received arms directly from the Quarter Master General and not through the Brigade Quarter Master. 3 July 1920 1p 45 Initialled copy letter to Michael Collins, Minister for Finance, concerning the amount of potential revenue that may be derived from the renewal of licences. Urges him to put the matter to the necessary bodies before the notices about the new Income Tax scheme are issued and encloses his letter to C. O’hUigín on the subject. Written in Irish. 5 July 1920 1p 46 MS letter to MacSwiney from Commandant T.H. (Tom Hales) Cork No.3 Brigade

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