School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918

Resource Pack 9: 1917 Innisfallen Ship

Quick quiz This quiz is based on the blueprint of the Innisfallen 1. How many funnels did the ship have? 2. What was the promenade deck? 3. How many lifeboats were designed to be aboard? 4. How many passengers were on board when the ship was inspected?

5. How many had a bed and how many were on deck? 6. How many toilets did the ship have for its passengers? 7. How much coal was the ship carrying to fuel the boilers? 8. How big was the main hold? 9. On the left side of the drawing there is a circle with a line through it. This is the Plimsoll line. What was the purpose of the Plimsoll line? 10. The drawing was etched. What did etch mean and how were blueprints made? 11. Where can one see an online copy of the plan? How might one arrange to see the original?

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