School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918

Resource Pack 9: 1917 Innisfallen Ship

Cork Butter Museum

Cork Past and Present Cork City Libraries’ research site

Image and history of the Innisfallen, with link regarding the ‘Listening Posts’ monument, Penrose Quay, where the ship used to dock.

Butter Exchange

Rosses Point Shanty Innisfallen : Voyage of shock and mystery

Story of the dangers of cross channel sailing told by the second officer of the Innisfallen

Camden Fort Meaghar Cork’s Harbour Gem

Cork Harbour was heavily defended as a major British base. Fort Camden is an excellent place to visit to see the Harbour defences while the site shows how and when why the fort was constructed and where it was.

Discovery DHO fionnachtain Lambkin Tabacco

While the article is about the Lambkin Tabacco Company which was based in Cork, the site also provides a wealth of links to other resources Site logging details of ships lost at sea, including Innisfallen:

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