School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918


1915 B609Add/3/16 World War One, death of Lt Jack W Bennett, RMF (principal’s letter)

Censored 230 Mostyn House School, Parkgate, Cheshire 21 Oct 1915 Dear Bennett:

I am horribly sorry to hear that Jack has fallen. / He was such a sterling good chap, always – one of whom / I never entertained a suspicion or bad thought – one whom / I never had to find fault with; & one of whom I was / genuinely & unreservedly proud. // We have lost 30 now: one or two missing: several / captured, & heaps wounded: the site of a newspaper / is loathsome. // Had Jack known for certain what the issue for himself / would be, he’d have gone just the same, and you would have / let him go. // The bitterest thought is that if our politicians had been / any good – or if we had insisted on having competent / ones – these bright young lives would never have been / endangered. I confess i should like to help to hang Lord / Haldane – whether fool or knave (and he much be one) / he equally deserves it. // [new page] But their lives so generously and nobly given / are not wasted & cannot be: they’ll give the / Country ‘Universal Service’ and re-weld the sundered / classes or units- and the rising generation is profiting / incredibly by the atmosphere of ‘Your King & Country / want you - at your job – whatever it is’. // They won’t be forgotten, either. // We shall think of Jack, and mention him, in our / Memorial Service on Nov 6 th . If in England & you / care to come, I hope you will do so: there is always / a spare room and a welcome for you. //

Yours Sincerely // AG Grenfell [Ends]


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