School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918


1916 U156/4 Rising in Cork (Bishop Cohalan letter, ms notes only)


‘This was never submitted to the Junior Officers & not at all to the rank & file’.

‘Pure baloney’

‘I being Dr Coholan, Catholic Bishop of Cork’

‘Note date Pearse had by this time surrendered. Why were we not told?’

‘Complete bluff – they already knew of surrender. ROL’ [Riobárd Ó Longpuirt (Langford)]


‘(the RC Bishop)’

‘17% dissented - ROL’

‘Great Victory for Imperialism of Maynooth !!! ROL’

‘Go bfoiridh Dia orainn’ [Go bhfóire dia orainn: God help us]


P4 ‘And presumably all the bolts which had been removed by Tadhg Healy and myself? R Ó Longpuirt’ ‘One of the bastards responsible for the shooting of Pearse etc. He was IO [Intelligence Officer] British & directly responsible for the mid night [murthers;] [purchasing (ie, prising)] of the nails off Tom Hales & Harte. While being personally interrogated at ST [South Terrace, his home] – I saw the marks of Harte’s teeth on the palm of [Chance], one of his’*

‘Simple man, Coholan: - the standard product of Maynooth! Who killed Teanga na h-Eireann’


*[The ‘military gentleman’ was Captain Wallace Dickie, ADC and Intelligence Officer to General Stafford, Officer Commanding in Cork. See Chavasse, Moirin, Terence MacSwiney , Dublin, 1961. The arrest and torture of Tom Hales and Pat Harte, referred to by Langford, was carried out near Bandon on 26 July 1920 under the orders of Major Percival of the Essex Regiment. Percival himself did not arrive in Ireland until 1919. Perhaps Langford is mistaken? Re Major (later General) Percival, see:]


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