School Resource Packs: Cork 1912-1918



Document B: Extract from the Diary of Liam de Roiste, member of the Irish (Sinn Fein) Volunteers January 17 th 1915 ‘Mr. Joseph Devlin [Irish Nationalist MP for Belfast] has been speaking also around Cork. In Fermoy, he addressed men of the Connaught Rangers and Munster Fusiliers (forming the so-called "Irish Brigade") The burden of his address is the same as usual since the war began: we are "Irish and proud of it"; part of the British Empire; one of the family of nations that make up the Empire; the war in Europe is a just 'war (for "the Allies") against (German) barbarism, savagery and force; a fight for small nations; poor Belgium; little Belgium; distressed Belgium; Catholic Belgium. The fighting Irish race is winning laurels in the war and will win more. This is the "Curve" - T.P. O'Connor's word - Irish Nationality, as preached by the Irish Parliamentary Party, has taken these times’.

1. Comprehension:

(a) According to document A, why is this war being undertaken?

(b) According to document A, what has distinguished the Irish race throughout history?

(c) What type of war were the Allies fighting according to document B?

(d) Which country does Devlin emphasise to drive home his conscription message according to document B? (20)

2. Comparison

(a) What are the main reasons advanced in both documents for Irishmen to take part in the war?

(b) Would you agree that the writers of both documents are supporters of the War? Give reasons for your answer based on both documents. (20)

3. Criticism

(a) Does Document A succeed as a rousing call to arms? Give reasons for your answer.

(b) Describe the tone adopted by writer of document B? Give reasons for your answer.


4. Context

What was the significance of Redmond’s call to war in 1914?



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