Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

Reference: PR81/1/2/D/06

Date: c.1920

Reference: PR81/1/2/D/09

Date: 3 August 1921 - 23 August 1921



Printed copies of official publication of the Irish Diplomatic Mission regarding a request to the government of the United States of America for recognition of Ireland as a sovereign independent state

Letters from Reverend James W. Power, All Saints Church (47 East 129th Street, New York) to Harry J. Boland, New York


Extent: 4 items



Extent: 4 items (3 vols of 136 pages and 1 vol of 35 pages)

Scope and Content: 1. Letter (4pp, 2 copies) from James W. Power to H. Boland, New York, regarding a riot inside All Saints Chapel, apparently organised by members of Clan na Gael to remove Power from his pastoral position. 3 August 1921. 2. Letter (1pp) from Harry J. Boland to Rt. Rev. Monsgr. Power, denying knowledge or direct involvement with riot at All Saints Chapel. 10 August 1921. 3. Letter (4pp.) from James W. Power to H. Boland detailing in length the damage done to the Irish cause in America. Specifically Power refers to falling membership, disorderly meetings and riots. Power sets out his issue with ‘false policies prevailing at 411 Fifth Avenue’ including in organising the reception for Muriel MacSwiney, and more generally ‘O’Mara’s insulting flouting and rudeness to the officers and members of the Advisory Committee of the American Association’. Power is unconvinced of Boland’s denial of involvement in the riot at All Saints Chapel. 4. Draft letter (12pp) as above, from James W. Power to H. Boland, with corrections and additions in places and moderating the language used against Boland.


Scope and Content: Three printed copies of official publication (136 pages) sent by the Irish Diplomatic Mission at 1045 Munsey Building, Washington D.C. to the Government of the United States of America requesting recognition of Ireland as a sovereign independent state. The publication includes nineteen appendices or ‘exhibits’ which are sources used to demonstrate the reasoning behind the request to the United States. The fourth copy is signed by Eamon de Valera. The appendices include the full texts in Irish and English of the Sinn Fein election manifesto (1918), Ireland’s declaration of Independence proclaimed by Dail Eireann at Dublin (21 January 1919), and a number of documents presented at the Paris Peace Conference (Versailles) 1919. Other documents reproduced include ‘British Atrocities in Ireland - Protest Lodged with the State Department, Washington D.C. By the Envoy of the Republic of Ireland, Patrick McCartain’ (14 October 1920). The publication also lists the polling results of local elections in Ireland.

Reference: PR81/1/2/D/07

Date: 27 October 1920


TS. Record of special committee hearing before the U.S. Secretary of State, concerning request to the government of the United States of America for recognition of the Irish republic

PR81/1/2/E Newspaper Articles and Public Addresses

by Diarmaid Fawsitt, Irish Consul, New York (1920 – 1921)


Extent: 50 pages


Scope and Content: Typescript record of hearing before the Honorable Bainbridge Colby, Secretary of State, Washington D.C. Hearing concerning special committee appointed to present the cause of the Republic of Ireland and appealing through the Secretary of State to the President for recognition of the Republic of Ireland by the Government of the United States of America. Meeting chaired by Frank P. Walsh, chairman of committee.

Reference: PR81/1/2/E

Date: 1920 - 1921


Newspaper Articles and Public Addresses by Diarmaid Fawsitt, Irish Consul, New York


Extent: 8 items


Scope and Content: Small collection of published articles and public addresses written or otherwise delivered by Diarmaid Fawsitt in his role as Irish consul to the United States of America at New York. Includes articles promoting Irish-American trade. Significant items include copies of addresses by Fawsitt, Eamon de Valera and Harry Boland at a mass public gathering in Boston (ref. PR81/1/2/E/03).

Reference: PR81/1/2/D/08

Date: 3 November 1920 - 14 November 1920


Memo of Interview with Ex-Governor Folk (Joseph W. Folk) regarding his views on the chairmanship and funding of the Atrocities Commission, Washington D.C


Extent: 4 pages


Scope and Content: Document setting out plans for appointment of Ex-Governor Folk (Joseph W. Folk, former Governor of Missouri) to the position of Chairman of the Atrocities Commission, Washington D.C. The interview records discussion over funds allocated, in particular that $13,000 is insufficient for the purpose. Notes that application has been made to the State Department for passports for a committee of inquiry to be sent to Ireland and England. Also present is a record of interview by Michael F. Doyle with officials of the State Department regarding a letter received by them from a Joseph Begley and an unfinished document from an unrecognised Irish Mission addressed to the White House. Sets out need for a formal document to be presented.

Reference: PR81/1/2/E/01

Date: 25 March 1920

Title: Level:

Article on Trade Opportunities for American Confectioners in Ireland

Extent: 6 items


Scope and Content: Six copies of article (2pp) sent to the National Confectioners’ Association of the United States, published at Chicago. Article by J.L. Fawsitt titled ‘Foreign Trade Opportunities: The Irish Market’. Refers to fact Ireland imported confectionary goods to value of $4,000,000.00 between 1914 and 1918, of which exports from the United States accounted for only $6,176.00.



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