Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Section 1: Public Life Ref. IE 627/PR81/1

PR81/1/1/E Newspaper reports of the Easter Rising and copy of Sinn Fein constitution (1916)

Reference: PR81/1/1/E

Date: 1916

Title: Level:

Newspaper reports of the Easter Rising and copy of Sinn Fein constitution

Extent: 3 items


Scope and Content: Two contemporary newspaper accounts of the Easter Rising, Dublin, 1916, and an undated copy of Sinn Fein’s constitution, collected or otherwise belonging to Diarmaid Fawsitt.

Reference: PR81/1/1/E/01

Date: 25 April 1916 - 3 May 1916


Copy of newspaper article on the aftermath of the Easter Rising in Dublin published by the Daily Express


Extent: 1 sheet


Scope and Content: One sheet from the newspaper the Daily Express, dated 25 April to 3 May 1916, titled ‘Aftermath of the Sinn Fein Rebellion’. Contains a description of events in Dublin during Easter 1916, including reports on the attack on Dublin Castle and the rounding up of the ‘rebels’.

Reference: PR81/1/1/E/02

Date: 1916


Copy magazine, an illustrated record of the Easter Rising in Dublin, published by Irish Life


Extent: c.60 pages


Scope and Content: Copy of magazine publication by Irish Life, titled ‘A Record of the Irish Rebellion’. In addition to a brief history or overview of events leading up to the Easter Rising in Dublin the magazine contains a large number of copies of photographs of people and places associated with the rising. Photographs of the British authorities include General Sir J.G. Maxwell and Major General L.B. Friend. Other photographs include Irish politicians and also participants in the rising including John Redmond, Edward Carson, John McNeil, Eamon de Valera, Countess Markievicz and James Connolly. Maps of Dublin illustrate the extent of the area cordoned by troops. Photocopies of ‘documents issued by the Rebels’ and of stamps of the Irish Republic are also present (p.47). Reference: PR81/1/1/E/03 Date: c.1916 Title: Undated Constitution of Sinn Fein in Irish and English published after Easter 1916 Level: item Extent: 8 pages Scope and Content: Three copies of Sinn Fein Constitution, written in Irish and English. Sets out the scheme of the party’s organisation. Undated, however, evidently dating to the period after the Easter Rising in Dublin, 1916.



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