Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/1 Early Period, Cork and New York (1905-1918)

Reference: PR81/1/1/D/04

Date: July 1918

Reference: PR81/1/1/D/08

Date: 24 February 1918

Title: Level:


Cork Industrial Development Association, Monthly Bulletin of July 1918

Text of Lecture on Irish Industry and Agriculture by Diarmaid Fawsitt at Clogheen Gaelic League Meeting

Extent: 4 pages


Scope and Content: Small printed pamphlet, Cork Industrial Development Association’s Monthly Bulletin, July 1918. Includes table of information about Irish Joint Stock banks: year of foundation, total paid-up capital, location of head office, and total authorised note issue. Other tables provide total deposits and cash balances from 1840 to 1917, and lists of net half-year profits. Banks referred to in the bulletin include the Bank of Ireland, National Bank, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Munster & Leinster Bank, and Hibernian Bank.


Extent: 10 pages


Scope and Content: Typescript notes for lecture by Fawsitt at a school room in Clogheen, Co. Cork, presented to members of the local Gaelic League. The content focuses on Irish agricultural potential, and sustainability. Fawsitt urges local farmers or agricultural workers to ‘put your whole heart and your whole strength into the patriotic work of producing more and more food for our people in the coming years’.

Reference: PR81/1/1/D/05

Date: c.1918

Title: Level:

Published Paper, ‘New Industries for a Greater Cork’ by Diarmaid Fawsitt

Extent: 8 pages


Scope and Content: Printed pages from an unidentified publication, chapter titled ‘New Industries for a Greater Cork’ by J.L. Fawsitt. Pages numbered 462 to 469. The paper emphasises the importance of agriculture, noting ‘agriculture is beyond question the first and chief asset of nations’. Also present is a small flow diagram showing the interconnection of agriculture with associated industries including dairy, tanning, milling and sugar refining.

Reference: PR81/1/1/D/06

Date: 24 May 1917


Text of Lecture or Address by Diarmaid Fawsitt on Irish Industries, presented at a meeting of the Tralee Gaelic League


Extent: 20 pages


Scope and Content: Typescript notes for lecture by Fawsitt at Tralee, Co. Kerry, presented to the local committee of the Gaelic League, titled ‘Why Ireland Needs Industries’. The paper focuses on Irish industrial potential in the wake of the First World War. Fawsitt states: ‘The war has rejuvenated our country; the bloom of youth overspreads the land; and everywhere, the spring-like hope of a golden and contended future pulsates and influences all departments of our national life’. The paper also presents facts and figures about agriculture, including a comparison of acreage of crops between 1851 and 1914, including corn crops, green crops, hay, and tillage. Other themes examined include the decline of the Irish population, emigration, and future economic potential.

Reference: PR81/1/1/D/07

Date: 30 October 1917

Title: Level:

Text of Lecture on Irish Industries by Diarmaid Fawsitt at Clonmel Town Hall

Extent: 23 pages


Scope and Content: Typescript notes for lecture by Fawsitt at Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, presented to the mayor at the town hall, titled ‘Ireland After the War’. The content is similar to that of his paper delivered to the Gaelic League at Tralee (see PR81/1/1/D/06 above).



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