Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

Reference: PR81/1/6/E/004 Date: 1939 - 1953 (1932) Title:

Reference: PR81/1/6/E/005 Date: 1944 - 1954 (1941, 1955) Title: President, Circuit Court Level: file Extent: 142 items Scope and Content:

Correspondence, Department of the Taoiseach (de Valera) and TDs


Extent: 45 items


Scope and Content: File marked ‘Dept of An Taoiseach’, containing correspondence between Fawsitt and Taoiseach Eamon de Valera and his office. The letters relate both to personal and professional matters. Also present are some other letters from TDs and ministers to Fawsitt. Most of the Taoiseach’s Office material was originally arranged in reverse chronological order, and treasury-tagged to the file cover. This reverse order has been retained, apart from the TD letters, which

File marked ‘President Circuit Court’ containing correspondence, mainly incoming, from the President of the Circuit Court and from the Circuit Court Office. Also contained are some letters from fellow judges and senior counsel, and administrative post regarding court sittings. Non-correspondence items, eg, notices of sittings, have been placed at the back of the file. Topics covered in the file include sittings, cases, financial and leave arrangements, and meetings of circuit court judges. Letters from the President of the Circuit Court are from WG Shannon (President 1947-59). Some letters from fellow senior counsel Charles Wyse Power and Arthur O’Connor are also present, among letters from Circuit Court Office, court service, and departmental officials, and from lawyers (all in chronological order). (105 items) Included is an extensive sub-file regarding a complaint by Edward Johnson TD regarding delay in hearing of a civil action at Wicklow court sittings, which complaints was brought to the attention of the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs, the Department of Justice, the President of the Circuit Court, and Fawsitt (1949-50). (20 items) Also present is a small bundle regarding rectification of an extended driving disqualification applied by Fawsitt. The matter involves the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General. (1951). (10 items) Non-correspondence items include a copy of the Circuit Court Rules (Service of Originating Documents by Post) Order, 1944; Malicious Injuries Applications schedule (1947); cutting on road deaths (1948); Note on Wicklow Sittings, January 1950; Draft List of Eastern Circuit sittings for 1953 (signed by Shannon); note of Wexford sittings for 1955; List of Civil Bills, Naas Division (undated). (7 items)

have been placed at the end of the file. Includes, for example, the following:

5 March 1953 Letter from Department of the Taoiseach stating that the copy of Fawsitt’s letter of 23 February to the Minister for Justice has been brought to the notice of the Taoiseach. Also present are three ts and one ms copy of the 23 February letter, directed to Gerard Boland, Minister for Justice, asking to be considered for appointment to the High Court. 25 October 1952 Taoiseach de Valera’s secretary thanking Fawsitt for sending birthday wishes 1944 and 1948 Printed Assembly of the Dail/Tionol na Dala leaflets 4 and 15 August 1944 Letters from Taoiseach de Valera and Oscar Traynor, Minister for Defence, respectively, acknowledging and expressing regret at Fawsitt’s decision to resign the refereeship and membership of the Board of Assessors to the Minister for Defence, under the Military Service Pensions Act, 1934. Trainor’s letter is in Irish. Other correspondence on this subject is also present, including statistics by the Referee and Advisory Committee for the period 6 July, 1943 - 5th June, 1944. 20 July 1940 draft copy letter from Fawsitt to de Valera offering his services in whatever capacity during the present ‘critical crisis’ (Word War II) [see also Fawsitt’s letter of 27 September 1938]. 20 February 1939 Draft copy letter from Fawsitt to Maureen O’Connell, Secretary to de Valera, regarding his friend Mrs Slattery’s efforts to obtain ‘a small space for Irish goods of her selection in the Irish section of the forthcoming New York Fair’. Related items, including 7 February letter from Slattery to Fawsitt, also present. 19 December 1938 letter from Registrar, Supreme Court Office, stating tht a patent of precedence entitling Fawsitt to admission to the Inner Bar has been received from the Depart of the Taoiseach, and inviting him to attend on 21 December to be called. 17 Oct 1937 Ms letter from de Valera, Ascal na Croire, Carrig Dubh, Baile Atha Cliath, regarding ‘the battle re the fee for Viv’, urging Fawsitt to accept the cheque given for tutoring Viv [Vivion de Valera, his son] (in spite of the objections of Sinéad, his wife). Other letters: 4 January 1941 Letter from G Boland, Office of the Minister for Justice, referring to their recent interview and stating that the government, on 3 January, sent its recommendation to appoint Fawsitt as a judge in the temporary absence of Judge McElligott. Also present is letter of 15 Nov 1940 from Tom Dowdall, TD, offering to put in a word for Fawsitt regarding this vacancy but cautioning that he may be ‘a bit premature’ in the matter. 4 and 14 August 1939 letters from P Little and P Smith thanking Fawsitt for his congratulations on their respective appointments as Minister for Posts and Telegraphs and as and Parliamentary Secretary to the Taoiseach. 24 February 1921 letter from Dowdall acknowledging Fawsitt’s congratulations on his election to the Dail.

Reference: PR81/1/6/E/006 Date: 1941 - 1953 Title: County Registrars Level: file Extent: 252 items Scope and Content:

File marked ‘County Registrars’ comprised mainly of correspondence, largely incoming, with registrars regarding court sittings, cases, courthouses, and administrative matters. Also present are some letters from the gardaí, departmental letters, letters from other court officials, and from local solicitors. Printed notices or listings of agreed or proposed court sittings have been placed at the back of the file. Correspondence present for the following years: 1941 (1 item) 1942 (8 items) 1943 (1 item) 1944 ((7 items) 1945 (10 items) 1946 (5 items) 1947 (5 items) 1948 (28 items) 1949 (29 items) 1950 (20 items) 1951 (42 items) 1952 (47 items) [includes letters re poor state of Navan Courthouse] 1953 (17 items) 1954 (8 items) 23 sheets or printed items relating to sittings of the circuit court or to cases to be considered at sittings are also present. Placed with these is a ts Form of Tabulated Particulars of Court Work in Arrears at Dundalk (Circuit Court of Justice - Eastern Circuit) (Circuit Court Office, Dundalk) [1944]



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