Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

Reference: PR81/1/6/E/007 Date: 1945 - 1951 Title: Court Criers Level: file Extent: 48 items Scope and Content:

Reference: PR81/1/6/E/01

Date: 1941 - 1943

Title: Level:

Appointment as Circuit Court Judge

Extent: 2 parts (150 items)


Scope and Content: File and roll of certificates relating to Fawsitt’s appointment as a judge.

File relating to court criers appointed to serve Fawsitt (ie, persons appointed to make public announcements in court, and letters received in response to an advertisement for a chauffeur in February 1951. Placed at the front of the file are items of correspondence relating to appointment, resignation, and conditions and subsistence of criers. Includes items relating to the appointments of Francis McQueston (April 1945), Basil Waugh (2 Oct 1950), Martin Pierce (17 Nov 1950), Michael Knight (7 Mar 1951), and John Rawson (5 Apr 1951). Also present is a Department of Justice letter of 9 November 1951 regarding McQueston, a DoJ letter of 24 Sep 1951 regarding criers’ subsistence, and two copies of conditions of employment of circuit court criers. The remainder of the file is comprised of letters, many with supporting references, received in response to Fawsitt’s advertisement for a chauffeur in the papers of 27 February 1951. Rough notes on some of the applicants complete the file.

(i) The file consists mainly of letters of congratulations and related newscuttings and items, relating both to Fawsitt’s initial appointment in an acting capacity in 1941 and his permanent appointment in July 1943. (ii) The roll contains certificates of appointment issued to Fawsitt. (i) includes the following: 1. Letters of congratulation on Fawsitt’s appointment as an acting circuit court judge, January-October 1941 (mainly January). Includes a letter from Denis A Hegarty, City Manager and Town Clerk (13 Jan); from General Secretary, Irish National Union of Vintners’, Grocers’, and Allied Trades’ Assistants, conveying ‘heartiest congratulations’ but regretting ‘the great loss of your valuable advice’ (15 Jan). card and envelope ‘Congrats Boss [undated]. 78 items 2. Letters of congratulation on Fawsitt’s permanent appointment as a circuit court judge, June-August 1943. Includes letter from James Geoghegan, Supreme Court (2 Jun); from George Gavan Duffy, High Court of Justice (2 Jun); J’O’Hagan, Circuit Court Office, Dundalk, asking Fawsitt to call on his hosiers and select ‘a smart pair’ of white gloves at his expense (11 August). 38 items. 3. Letter from Sean A Roche, Thomas McDonagh Cumann, Kimmage, Dublin, conveying congratulations on the appointment of Fawsitt’s son to the circuit court (8 October 1957); printed note of thanks from Judge Wyse-Power and Neans de Paor acknowledging expression of sympathy on the death of their mother [undated]. 14 items 4. Envelopes, three directed to Judge Fawsitt, one to Diarmaid Fawsitt KC [no enclosures]. 4 items 5. Iris Oifigiul, Friday January 10th, 1941, containing announcement of Fawsitt’s appointment. 5. Newscuttings relating to Fawsitt’s appointment, including three mounted cuttings from the Irish Press. 15 items 6. Rough note with names of Scottish towns [relating to a planned holiday?] 7. Photocopy of article from the Law Gazette, April 200, making reference to Judge Fawsitt regarding a disobedience matter in 1947 (by Doctor Eamonn Hall) (ii) includes the following: 1. Certificate of appointment for the period from 6 January to 31 March 1941. In Irish. Signed by President Douglas Hyde and Taoiseach Eamonn de Valera 2. 31 October 1941 to 15 August 1942 3. Same, 22 May to 15 June 1942

Reference: PR81/1/6/E/008 Date: 1946 - 1955 Title: Court Sittings, Eastern Circuit Level: file Extent: 10 bundles Scope and Content:

File containing returns of dates and hours for sittings of the Eastern Circuit of the Circuit Court of Justice, covering cases assigned to Judge Fawsitt. A few covering letters from County Registrars and others are present. Arranged into bundles of returns for each of the years 1946 (1 item), 1847, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, and 1955.

Reference: PR81/1/6/E/009 Date: 1949 - 1955 Title: Subsistence and Travel Expenses Level: file Extent: 84 items Scope and Content:

Correspondence, Account of Travelling Expenses Forms, an rough notes relating to expenses. Correspondence mainly consists of incoming letters from the Department of Justice and the Department of Finance, including circulars on rates, requests to submit expenses, and review and revision of rates. 1949-55. 15 items Completed forms, ‘Account of Travelling, etc, Expenses’ [Completed based on court sittings. 33 items [4 blank forms also present] Rough notes of expenses [used in preparing to complete claims forms]. 35 items

4. Same, 2 January to 23 February 1943 5. Same, 26 February to 26 March 1943 6. Same, 20 March to 22 April 1943 7. Same, 29 May to 3 June 1943.



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