Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Archive Section 1 Desc. List.

Descriptive List of the Personal Archive of Diarmaid L. Fawsitt

PR81/1/6 Legal Career (1928 – 1956)

Reference: PR81/1/6/B/3/01 Date: 1929 Title:

Reference: PR81/1/6/B/3/03 Date: 1929 - 1930 Title: Electricity Supply Board Level: file Extent: 16 items Scope and Content:

Associated Daimler Company Limited


Extent: 30 items


Scope and Content: File relating to cases again Associated Daimler Company Limited by Fairways Limited, and by Thomas Fitzpatrick. The plaintiffs are omnibus owners and operators in Dublin who claim that vehicles supplied by the defendant were unfit for purpose. In the statement of claim on behalf of Fairways Limited, it is explained that the company was formed in 1927 by a number of owners and operators to take collective action against a common competitor. The file contains statements of claim by each plaintiff, an affidavit by the secretary of Fairways Ltd,an originating summons issued to the defendant, correspondence (mainly between Arthur Cox & Co and Fawsitt), and legal notes and drafts.

Small file relating to a dispute between Fawsitt and the Electricty Supply Board (ESB) regarding the attachment of lines to his house and cutting down of a tree. Also present are two items relating to a claim for compensation from the ESB by a neighbour of Fawsitt’s. Items include the following: 1 . Notice from ESB to Mr Fawsitt, of intention to attach small lines and fittings to his house, under Section 53 of the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927 (15 April 1927) 2 . Copy letter from (Fawsitt) to ESB, consenting conditionally to the proposed attachment of lines and fittings to his home [St Petroc, Stillorgan, Co Dublin]. (27 April 1929) 3 . Letter from ESB acknowledging his of 27 April (30 April 1929) 4 . Notice from ESB to Mr JL Fawsitt, in forming his of the Board’s intention to place an electric line across his land, in the townland of Galloping Green, Barony of Rathdown, County Dublin 5 . Copy letter from (Fawsitt) to Arthur Cox, headed ‘Re Electricity (Supply) Act 1927. Myself v Callendar Cable Co’. He explans that on 1 July, while Fawsitt was away, workmen from Callendar cable Co cut down a 30 year old chestnut tree and ‘did considerable damage to my meadows’. He reported this to the ESB, which expressed regret and sent an engineer to inspect the damage. Fawsitt instructs Cox to communicate with the ESB on his behalf and to claim £20 compensation. 6 . Letter from Cox to Fawsitt, noting their may be a difficulty in his acting in this case, as he represents the ESB and settled the contract between them and Messrs Callendar. (3 August 1929) 7.-8 . Cover letter from Arthur Cox & Co (13 September 1929) with copy letter from WG Bradley & Sons, for Callendar & Co, stating their understanding that, in consideration of Fawsitt waiving any claim he might have in respect of the ‘mistake’, the ESB would move the electricity line so as not to pass over Fawsitt’s property at all. (11 September 1929) 9 . Letter from Fawsitt to Cox, setting out the facts ‘as they are known to me’, in response to the patently inaccurate’ statements in the preceding letter (14 September 1929) 10 . and 11 . Cover letter from Arthur Cox & Co (15 October 1929) with copy letter from WG Bradley & Sons, stating that Mr Tierney, ESB engineer, ‘has not the slightest doubt’ as to the arrangement made with Fawsitt. (14 October 1929) 12. and 13 . Cover letter from Arthur Cox & Co (26 October 1929) with copy letter from WG Bradley & Sons to Arthur Cox & Co reiterating that Fawsitt is not entitled to any compensation but agreeing to pay £5 in full settlement, in recognition of his having incurred the expense of getting two men to cut up and remove the tree. (24 October 1929) 14 . Letter from Arthur Cox & Co to Fawsitt enclosing cheque for £5 in settlement of claim. (5 November 1929) 15 . Draft ts letter headed ‘Draft application’, with address ‘Cintra’ Stillorgan, and date October 1930, directed to the ESB, seeking compensation for the felling of a tree in response to an order of the ESB, being the value of the tree and the expense incurred in felling it. Unsigned but ends ‘Yours faithfully (Miss)’. 16 . Ms letter from Mary Kellett, Cintra, Stillorgan, to Fawsitt, enclosing reply of ESB to her application for £16 compensation [enclosure not present], and seeking his advice. (31 December 1930)

Reference: PR81/1/6/B/3/02 Date: 1928 - 1931 Title: John Connor McGee Estate Level: file Extent: 35 items Scope and Content:

Case file concerning trusts of £5000 lodged to the credit of the John Connor McGee Estate and the Attorney General, intended to be used for the development of industries in parts of Ireland where Irish is spoken. John Connor McGee was a native of Co Derry who died in Florida. His will created the trusts but did not provide for his son, his only child. The file contains a draft affidavit by Arthur Cox on behalf of Douglas Hyde and others, with suggested replies drafted on behalf of the Gaelic League and the Irish Industrial Development Association. Also present is an originating summons, correspondence (mainly between Arthur Cox & Co and Fawsitt), and a newspaper article from the Irish Independent of 29 January 1929.



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