Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

County Borough Insurance Committee, deputation (p6) (30 Jul 1929)

Resolution for Minister for Justice under Game Act to declare The Lough a sanctuary for wild duck and other game (p93) (2 Sep 1930)

Resolution proposing transfer of certain powers from City Manager to the Council, under section 8 of the Cork City Management Act 1929, including letting of Working Class Housing and power to order new works (p62) (8 Apr 1930)

Confirmation of minutes of General Purposes Committee (p141) (28 Apr 1931)

Report by City Manager concerning extension of the city boundaries (p144) (26 May 1931)

Opinion of Counsel regarding the power of the corporation to make a grant to Erinville Hospital at preliminary estimates meeting (p175) (24 Nov 1931)

Motion at special meeting by Lord Mayor to suspend City Manager from office (p178) (8 Dec 1931)

Deputation from Cork Operative Society of Masons, Bricklayers and Paviors re. employment of members in dispute with the Plasterers Society, regarding laying of tiles at Madden's Buildings, Blackpool (p238) (13 Dec 1932)

Statutory Rates Meeting (p246) (15 Feb 1933)

Copy of Auditors Report of Cork County Borough's accounts for 4 years ending 31 Mar 1933 (p284) (26 Sep 1933)

Special meeting to consider resolution under Housing Act 1931 to declare a certain defined area of the North West district a clearance area (p289) (31 Oct 1933)

Proposal from ESB to light city for 10 years at rate of £10,954 per annum, City Managers Report (p320) (26 Jun 1934)

Appointment of Public Library Committee for 1 year at Statutory Quarterly Meeting (p323) (10 Jul 1934)

Draft amended Bye-Laws under the Employment of Children Act 1903 submitted by City Solicitor (p326) (28 Aug 1934)

Borrowing of £400,000 for housing, new city hall, school of commerce, swimming pool, small dwellings acquisition advances (p333) (23 Dec 1934)

Adoption of Town Planning Act 1934 (p387) (23 Jul 1935)

Re-election of Sean French as Lord Mayor, and elections to committees, Special Meeting (p388) (30 Jul 1935)

Report of Town Clerk advising amendment of existing Polling Districts, owing to extensive new housing schemes (p408) (24 Sep 1935)

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