Cork City Council Minutes Descriptive List

General Michael Collins, Commander in Chief, Irish Army, sympathy on death (in ambush) and Deputation to Dublin to attend funeral of (pp341, 343) (25 August 1922)


of Council under ‘Housing of Working Classes’ Acts 1898 to 1908, (p449) (23 Feb


Cartage contract, protest by Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union (p456 etc) (9 Mar 1923)

Dissolution of Board of Guardians (pp530, 540) (2 Jul, 24 Aug 1923)

Ford & Son, Request waiving Covenant re. employment of adult males, (p232 etc) (4 Apr 1922)

Gaelic League Representatives on Library Committee (pp570, 573) (26, 29 Oct 1923)

Lower Glanmire Road Rebuilding of destroyed premises opposite St. Patrick’s Church (p284) (23 Jun 1922)

Malicious Injury Claims, opposed (pp 60, 367 etc.) (12 Apr 1921)

North Main St. Street improvement, Provisional Government grant of £3000 (p 221) (13 Oct 1922)

Cllr.Professor O’Rahilly, Resignation from Council on arrest (p101) (22 Aug 1921)

Rates, for year ending 31 March, 1922 (p87) 31 March, 1923 to 31 March, 1924 (p 518) (13 Jul 1923)




11 January 1924 - 18 June 1929

Title: Level:

Council Minute Book



662pp vol plus 50pp index

Scope and Content: (i) Minutes of Council Meetings (Original No. 34).


Representation from Cork Workers Council concerning status of the Reconstruction Committee (p.4) (11 Jan 1924)

Minutes of Waterworks Committee confirmed (p.21) (25 Jan 1924)

Notice of Special Meeting of Council acting as Cork Urban Sanitary Authority re. Infectious Disease (Notification) Act 1889 (p98) (23 May 1924)

Income and Expenditure, balance sheets for each fund, such as improvement, Working Class Dwellings, Sanitary, Fire Brigade, Waterworks, Poor Rate, Cemetery, Borough, Tolls and Markets, with summary of rates to be levied (p99-104) (6 Jun 1924) Order by Minister for Local Government and Public Health dissolving the Council of the County Borough of Cork and appointing Pilib Ó Muineachain (Philip Monahan) as Commissioner having '..the property and the several powers and duties of the Council'. (p.178) (30 Oct 1924)

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