Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Rental Ledgers, Earl of Bandon’s Estate



Title: Level: Date:

Rental Ledgers, Earl of Bandon's Estate

sub-series 1803-1901 47 volumes


Scope and Content: Rentals of the estate of the Earl of Bandon, from Bandon Estate Office. These have been arranged into two groupings (U137/RL/A/1-29; U137/RL/A/30-47). Items 1-20 are rentals based on tenants' names, generally noting name, rent, a description of the holding, terms of lease, and details of rent owed and paid. These are arranged chronologically. Within this grouping, items 21-29 are 'rough' rentals, also based on tenants' names, but generally adding only the name of the denomination and a record of rent and arrears. Items 30-47 are rentals based on townlands and denominations. These generally note the denomination name, tenants' names, area, and rent, although some do not include tenants' names. Differences in format and information contained are noted in item-level descriptions.


Date: 1803 - 1813


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 385 ff [many blank] Scope and Content:

Rental recording, at the top of each folio, tenant name, annual rent, description of holding, terms of lease, and area. Beneath are recorded details of rents and arrears due and paid, and folio number. The volume is indexed. Most payments are recorded as received by S Jervois and Rev Joseph Jervois ('as per Settlement', and 'Agency account') .The holdings appear to be largely in the Eastern Estate. After folio 177, a number of folios with tenancy information but no record of payments occur, and there are a number of blank folios. From folios 325 to 339 there are entries recording payments ('rents & Co') received by Sampson Jervois out of the estate of the Earl of Bandon (1803-05). Folios 340 to 385 record similar payments received by Rev Joseph Jervois, 1806-13.

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