Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Rental Ledgers


1803 - 1964


61 volumes, 3 indexes, 1 box of enclosures

Scope and Content: Large ledgers containing rentals of lands in estates managed by the Bandon Estate Office, particularly the estates of the Earls of Bandon. The records document holdings, tenancies, terms of leases, and details of rent owed and paid. They are a key record of those who lived on estates as tenants, of estate management by land agents and owners, and the changing fortunes of landed estates throughout the nineteenth century. Most of the land owners concerned held lands in the vicinity of Bandon, but some held wider land interests, most notably the earls of Bandon, with lands scattered throughout Co Cork and beyond, from Durrus to Co Waterford, with substantial holdings around Macroom, including much of the town. Most of this estate was in two large groupings known as the Eastern and Western Estates. The Estate Office held rentals from the period prior to their appointment as agents, eg, Castle Mahon Estate Agent's Ledger with rentals and accounts, 1719-28 (U137/EV/01).Tenant purchase under land acts such as the 1903 Wyndham Act led to the breakup of such estates, as documented in part in some of the rentals. The rentals often differ somewhat in format and information contained, and have been arranged into sub-series and groupings as follows. U137/RL/A is a sub-series containing rentals of the estate of the Earl of Bandon. These have been arranged into two groupings (U137/RL/A/1-29; U137/RL/A/30-47). Items 1-20 are rentals based on tenants' names, generally noting name, rent, a description of the holding, terms of lease, and details of rent owed and paid. These are arranged chronologically. Items 21-29 are 'rough' rentals, also based on tenants's names, but generally adding only the name of the denomination and a record of rent and arrears. Items 30-47 are rentals based on townlands and denominations. These generally note the denomination name, tenants' names, area, and rent, although some do not include tenants' names. 1803-1901 U137/RL/B consists of rent ledgers relating to several estates managed by the Bandon Estate Office (some including earl of Bandon's estate information), and ledgers relating to separate estates also managed by the firm. These 14 items are arranged in chronological order, and their format and the estates to which they refer are noted in descriptions for individual items. Items U137/RL/B/006, 013, and 014, which contain entries up to the 1950s and 1960s, refer to the firm of F Hall and Son, solicitors, South Mall, Cork, and may not relate to Doherty and Jones-managed property. 1822- 1964 U137/RL/C is a small sub-series containing three indexes to rent ledgers occurring in the collection, and a box of enclosures from ledgers.

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