Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Date: 1904-05 (1922)


Level : item Title: Agent's Log (George Webb) [with Accounts] Extent: 38 ff Scope and Content:

Volume containing entries by George Webb (Land Agent) recording details of visits to lands/holdings in estates in his care. Eg, 25 July 1904, he visits tenants of the townland of Lassanroe on the Bandon Estates, checks and corrects bounds, and reports on land. Refers mainly to Bandon Estates, but also to Warren's Estate and Hunter's Estate. The log breaks off in October 1904, before being resumed on a later page. In between some entries relating to bank and office accounts for 1922 have been added. These are in a similar hand to the agent's entries, and it is possible that Webb's reports have been transcribed into the present volume from an earlier original.


U137/LB Letter Books, Bandon Estate Office




Letter Books, Bandon Estate Office

Level : Date: Extent:


1879 - 1882 9 (one items only)

1 item listed [full listing not completed]

Scope and Content: Letter books maintained by Richard Wheeler Doherty and other members of the Bandon Estate Office, also known as Doherty and Jones, relating to their work as land and legal agents to land- owning clients, particularly the earl of Bandon. Items in this series have not as yet been fully listed (see ‘Scope and Content’, p3, above). Therefore, the reference number is provisional.


Date: 26 March 1879 - 30 December 1882


Title: Level:

Letter Book (Doherty, Estate Agent)


Extent: 98pp Scope and Content:

Carbon copy letter book of RW Doherty, Estate Agent, containing copies of outgoing letters, and of drafts of some legal documents, eg, Particulars and Explanations of Lord Bandon's Loan 1878-79 (pp40-41). Many items are written on behalf of the earl of Bandon, as agent and solicitor. The volume is indexed by correspondent.

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