Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Date: 1867 - 1877


Level : item Title: Doherty Ledger (Land Agent's Memorandum Book) Extent: 509 ff Scope and Content:

Ledger recording work conducted by Doherty (Doherty and Jones, Bandon Estate Office), as land agent to various clients. Noted on each folio is the date, subject, and description of work undertaken. Costs are not always stated. The folio is indexed. Folios 1-83 relate to work for the Earl of Bandon. The last two pages of the volume, which are damaged, contain an index to work for the Earl. Other client names include Fitzpatrick, Gillman, Beamish, Bernard, Wheeler, Doherty, Archbishop of Tuam, Provincial Bank of Ireland, and others. [Some water damage from folio 460 on.]


Date: 1879 - 1882


Level : item Title: County Courts Session Book (Richard W Doherty) Extent: 75 ff Scope and Content:

Volume recording key details of cases taken in respect of clients of Richard W Doherty (Bandon Estate Office). Each folio notes number, date of instructions, plaintiff, defendant, amount sued for, cause of action, amount decreed for, process server's name and date, decree (how disposed of), and observations. The plaintiff is almost always a landowning client, and the defendant a tenant, with proceedings mostly being for non-payment of rent or ejectment. Some other debts, eg, promissory notes, are the cause of some actions. In a few cases, Doherty's client appears to be the defendant. [Mentions Lord Bandon as plaintiff, and also other clients. Some water damage to last pages.]


Date: 1895 - 1901


Level : item Title: Proceedings Book (Rent Arrears) Extent: 50 ff Scope and Content:

Proceedings Book in respect of legal actions taken owing to non-payment of rent. Folios contain the following fields: Ledger Folio, Tenant, Lands, Total amount sued for and up to what Gale Rent due, Nature of Proceedings, Date of Decree, Result, and General Remarks. Most of the proceedings are described as 'Civil Bill proceedings', but some are 'ejectments' and 'writs'. The final completed pages in the volume record 'superior court ejectments' [pages not numbered]. The volume documents proceedings undertaken by land agents [Doherty and Jones] on behalf of client estates, including the earl of Bandon, Wolfe, Sinclair Payne, Gillman, Moorhead, Rothe, Biggs, Doherty, and Hicks.

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