Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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days' house work, one day farm work]; Abstract, Farm: £2 15s 2d, Improvements: £1 13s, Stables: 6s, Garden: 15s 6d. In the latter part of the book, no abstracts are given. The last two pages are headed 'House Work'.


Date: 1861 - 1875


Level : item Title: Wages Book [Cullashine] Extent: 41 pp Scope and Content:

Wages Book, primarily relating to 'Labour at [Cullashine']. The volume records payments to 'Weekly men' and others, who are not named. Some pages contain other information, such as rent paid for a named townland, eg, Kinnabeg, or 'Cows to Dairy'. The final five pages relate mainly to tenants at Kinneigh, and include tenant names.


Date: 1864


Level : item Title: Catalogue of Leases &c on the Estate of the Earl of Bandon Extent: c300 pp [entries regarding 218 properties] Scope and Content:

Catalogue compiled in 1864 of leases and other legal agreements in respect of the Estate of the Earl of Bandon. The volume is indexed by denomination, and covers the eastern and western estates, and Macroom lands. Entries summarise relevant leases, noting date, term, and renewal. Some reference is made to original documents among estate papers. A key estate record.


Date: 1883 - 1905


Level : item Title: Memorandum Book, Bandon Estate Office Extent: 59 ff Scope and Content:

Memorandum book maintained by the Bandon Estate Office, in respect of the Earl of Bandon's Estate.The book records developments in respect of the estate and holdings, including sales and purchases, leases, changes of tenancy and tenure, repairs, legal cases and disputes, rent payments, ejectments, inspections and visits, and other matters. Many enclosures, including some sketches and small maps, are present. The entries are in date order. The volume provides an overview of the day- today work of managing the Bandon estates.

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