Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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payment detail is entered for some pages. The volume is indexed. [No reference to Doherty/Jones, or Bandon Estate Office, or Earl of Bandon.]


Date: 1856


Title: Level:

Rental (Rent Roll and Cash Book)


Extent: 12 ff Scope and Content:

Small notebook, described as 'The Agent's Rent-Roll and Cash Book'. The notebook records Denominations, tenants' names, years rent, received, and observations. Other fields are left blank, although the first field, headed 'Number' has been changed to 'Poor Law Valuation' and is sometimes completed, usually with a note regarding partial payment or agreement. Townlands/denominations include Cloonmahane, Corcreigh, Ardcarna, Kilcooley, Killakiss, and Derryfatten.


Date: 1865 - 1884


Title: Level:

Rental/Account Book [Haremount and Barleigh Properties]


Extent: 57 ff Scope and Content:

Volume recording rent and other payments received and other accounts, seemingly in respect of Haremount and Barleigh properties. The volume begins with a number of accounts (Harewood Capital, Harewood Buildings, Barleigh Rental, Sureties), and from folio 12 documents payments received from named tenants. Property/denomination details are not recorded, but a valuation is often noted.


Date: 1870 - 1887


Title: Level:

Rent Book (Col SH Clerke Estate)


Extent: 54 ff Scope and Content:

Rent Book recording payment of half yearly and yearly rent for holdings, denominations, and houses, from the estate of Colonel Shadwell Clerke. The name of the tenant and the property are noted at the top of each folio, followed by details of rent due and paid.Property names/locations include Shanballymore, North Main Street Bandon, and Fort Brown (Riverstown Division, Ballanathan Division).

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