Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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payments by the Earl of Bandon to RS Wheeler, and it is possible the volume documents various accounts. In later pages, eg, 154, some accounts with 'Reps Banfield' are recorded, including accounts between Banfield and Jeremiah Crowley and Richard Gillman. [Agency accounts.]


Date: 1842 - 1869


Title: Level:

Agent's Account Book [Biggs, McClintock]


Extent: 99 ff Scope and Content:

Volume recording amounts owed and received on various accounts, many being for rent of property, other accounts elating to individuals in respect of rent charges, interest, stocks, and goods and services. Many payments are made to John and Samuel Beamish [agents]. A note attached inside the front cover refers to Captain Bigg's property in Dunmany, and to Rev W McClintock and vicars choral and churchwardens, also in Dunmanway. These names recur in the volume, as do other names [clients], eg, reps Hamilton and Sutton, Thomas Deane, reps Jagoe, [Chambre] Baldwin, Thomas Gash, and others. John and Samuel Beamish also occur as account names. Properties mentioned include houses in Bandon town. Indexed.


Date: 1850 - 1868


Title: Level:

Rent and Account Book (Benjamin Ford, Richard Wheeler Doherty)


Extent: 134 ff Scope and Content:

Small account book recording details of rent and other accounts. The rent accounts generally relate to proporties in Bandon Town, with the tenants in account with Mr Benjamin Ford (owner). Other accounts recorded are between Ford and Richard Wheeler Doherty (his agent). Indexed.


Date: 1852 - 1853


Title: Level:

Rent Book


Extent: 90 ff Scope and Content:

Rent book, noting at the top of each folio the name of the tenant or charge, and the name of the property for which rent is paid, or the person to whom payment is made. Eg, folio 2, 'Reps Jos.h G Leyburne, Houses in Cork; folio 66, 'Head Rent of Knockpogues payable to Miss Dillons'. Folios 1-61 relate primarily to rent of named properties, while folios 62-90 relate primarily to head rents and rent charges due. These include head rents payable to Lord Doneraile (f62) and Lord Cork (f64), and head rent out of the Burton Estate (f69). Reference is made to properties in Cork City, Mallow, and many rural denominations [eg, Knockacreagh, Curraduff, Woodpark (Ballyclough), Kilconner(Templeraune)]. Record of payment due and received follows on each folio, although no

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