Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones)(Bound Volumes) U137

U137 Bandon Estate Office, Rentals and Other Volumes

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Date: 1901 - 1917


Level : item Title: Rental Extent: 134 folios, and enclosures Scope and Content:

Rental, with title page stating 'Estate, Earl of Bandon, Ledger, Western, Church Lands'. This is followed by an index of townlands: Ardentenant, Ballygourane, Balteen, Barnatonicane, Ballyvonane, Balteen Mine, Cahirolickane, Dereenalomane, Dunkelly East, Dunkelly West, Gortduff, Lackavaun, Kilbronoge, Lassanaroe, Rathcool, Woodlands, and Knockeens. The top of each folio contains the following fields: OS Sheet number and number of Holding; Denominations (townland); tenant's name; area; rent; valuation, land; valuation, buildings; gale days; commencement of 'stat. tenure'; record number; and 'Remarks'. In this last is generally noted the amount and date of fixed rent, the Rural District, and the Electoral District. The lower part of the folio records rents and arrears due and received. Over most of the folios notes are added in blue crayon stating the purchase money and annuity agreed in a purchase agreement. The volume contains a number of enclosures, stored separately: List, 'Bandon Estate - Purchase under LP Act 1903' [Land Purchase Act], noting name of townland, name of tenant, and area and rent details. [4pp and one rough list (1p)]; File of correspondence regarding rents and royalties owed Lord Bandon by the Dereenalomane Barytes Mines Company (later Dunmanus Bay Barytes Company), 1913-20, including extract from lease 30 November 1896 Earl of Bandon to Threlfall and Norman Leigh, draft copy advice [1915], Letters to and from RW Doherty and George Webb, Bandon Estate Office; schedule of output at Dereenalomane 30 April 1915, and letter regarding surrender of the lease as the mine is worked out, 8 July 1920. [24 items]

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