Richard Dowden Papers Descriptive List

3. 23 Nov 1830 Printed handbill advertising 'Lectures on the Unitarian Controversy', by Rev. JP Briscoe, in the Baptist Chapel, Marlboro Street. Printed by Hennessy, Frenchchurch Street. (1p)

4. nd [1830 - 1850] Printed handbill from the Cork Religious Tract and Book Society, 12 Georges Street, advertising shop with cheap religious books, bibles and prayer books, and copy of the 'Authentic Report of the Discussion at Carrick on Shannon between Three Roman Catholic and Three Protestant Clergymen'. Printed by Bolster, Cork. (1p)

5. 1833 Irish Unitarian Christian Society, Cork Branch, printed notices of meetings. (2 items)

6. [c1835] Fragment of printed handbill for lecture by Rev George Harris at Prebyterian Meeting House, Princes Street. (1p)

7. 12 Apr 1835 Printed handbill for sermon by Rev G.Harris, Unitarian Minister, Glasgow, at meeting house, Princes Street. (1p)

8. 1844 MS. list of 10 toasts to be made at event in [meeting house], Princes Street, including 'The Queen', 'The Ministers Elders and Congregations of the Synod of Munster', etc., and proposer names, such as 'Moral advancement by moral means' from Richard Dowden, and 'Education and Christianity adapted to promote each other', from Rev. William Whitelegge. (1p) 9. 27 May 1844 Printed notice of resolution from meeting of the Presbyterian congregation of Princes Street, Cork, concerning article by Rev. Doctor Sloane in the [Cork] Constitution newspaper referring to their 'Anti-Trinitarian sentiments', also advertisement for book by Rev George Armstrongh AB, Trinity College Dublin. (3pp) 10. 20 Nov 1844 Printed circular letter from John Seed, Secretary, Unitarian Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 28 Rosemary Street, Belfast. Encloses extract of report of proceedings for past year and solicts co-operation and contributions. (1p)

11. 27 Jan 1846 Printed notice of sermon, Presbyterian Church, Strand Street, [Dublin], on behalf of the School. (1p)

12. 14 Oct 1849 Printed notice of meeting of subscribers, Presbyterian congregation Princes Street, from Richard Dowden, Treasurer. (1p)

13. nd [?c1850] Printed appeal for subscriptions from Unitarian congregation, Oldham, including tesimonials in favour of the Society and list of subscriptions received. (2pp)

14. 1850 - 51 Series of printed notices of meetings of vestry and committees of Presbyterian congregation of Princes Street. (4 Items)




1827 - 1845

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Wesleyan Methodists

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U140 Richard Dowden Papers Descriptive List

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