Richard Dowden Papers Descriptive List

10. 26 Jun 1839 To Dowden, Brown Street Cork, concerning business matters, partnership, etc. (1p)

11. 28 Jun 1840 To Dowden, care of Revd. Mr. Orr, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Mentions a 'war of bigotry' to be commenced. He has not seen Mr. Hart since, but he has been lately 'paid much attention by Sloane and his wife...intended to influence vote in opposition to the liberal interest...'. (3pp) 12. 27 Jul 1840 From Passage West to Dowden care of Dillon Esq., Summerville, near Waterford. Refers to a printed historical notice of the origin of the Cork Presbyterian Meeting House which he forwards for Dowden's and Mary Jenning's perusal, etc. (4pp)

13. nd [1820s-1830s] Portion of letter (4pp)

14. nd [1820s-1830s] Portion of letter re. thoughts on love. (4pp)

15. nd [1820s-1830s] Asking for loan. He had a letter from Mr. Purser who has influenza and asks him to be ready for his essay. (3pp)

16. nd [1820s-1830s] Asking to lend the 'Blue Stocking' for a time. Mentions John having an severe attack of common cholera, but he is quite well again. Encloses a note from John Osborne aksing for a few slips of roses and fucias. (2pp)

17. nd [1820s-1830s] Thanks Miss Jennings for her basket of sodas and sympaythy. (3pp)

18. nd [1820s-1830s] Asking him if he might attend the meeting to hear the discussion on Phrenology. (1p)

19. nd [1820s-1830s] Refers to scorch mark caused by candle on a copy of the Teacher. (1p)

20. nd [1820s-1830s] Sends a box to hold Susan's shells. Asks what he should put on Ann's sunburn. (1p)

21. nd [1820s-1830s] Regards proposed mixed marriage between a Catholic girl and an Englishman named Preston, who has a difficulty with her being a Catholic. Seeks advice on whether 'Sloane' would 'do the needful', and marry the two. (1p) 22. nd [1820s-1830s] Hopes he can come to the anti-slavery breakfast as he may '...influence the Quakers as to the approaching election', who would '...not call a [fire] for us whites or our liberties, yet the blacks across the sea are very precious...'. (2pp) 23. nd [1820s-1830s] Encloses a 'very pleasing' letter from Sharman Crawford regarding a parish petition against 'the unchristian taxes for the payment of the clergy...'. He wrote to Crawford calling attention to certain clauses and expressing '... regret that this important question had been so generally argued and treated as a catholic grievance...' (2pp)

24. nd [1820s-1830s] All the children were poorly yesterday and he set them all to write letters. (2pp)

U140 Richard Dowden Papers Descriptive List

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