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1828 - 1911


UK and London Agency (19th century)

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Group of small files relating to arrangements for agencies and properties regarding Company activities in the UK, mainly in London. Reference is made to the British and Irish Steam Packet Company and predecessor and related companies and agencies. See U370/D/013 for more information on this company’s history. Includes: (1) Letter of agreement between George Langtry & Co and Hill Charley, agent in Belfast of the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company, regarding services between Belfast and Liverpool. 24 Mar 1828. Notes renewing the agreement are added after the letter up to a note dated 1 Dec 1843, declaring the agreement null and void. 3pp (2) Copy of last page of deed of Assignment of the vessels the Shannon and the Thames, by George Thomas Newton to William Hawker Bourne (founder of Dublin and London Steampacket Co. and a partner of John Anderson on certain mail coach routes), Cornelius Lyne, George Darling, and John Birch [company trustees], for £20,000. [Undated] 1p (3) Bundle of correspondence of the British & Irish Steam Packet Company (North Wall, Dublin), James Hartley & Co (137 Leandenhall Street, London), Capt JR Engledue (19 and 137 Leandenhall Street), the Hudson Bay Company (1 Lime Street, London), and others, regarding agency, leasing, and other business arrangements for the British and Irish Steam Packet Company and the City of Cork Steam Packet Company at London docks, including Miller’s Wharf. Letters include the following: B&I to Captain Engledue re garding a collision between the ‘Avoca’ and ‘Upupa’, 19 Dec 1876; Hartley & Co to James Casey regarding the ‘Bittern’, 7 Feb 1877; George and Henry Doo, Southwark, undertaking responsibility for goods received for shipment per Dublin and Cork steamers, and for the collection of freight charges payable, and to account for same in the monthly settlement. 9 Mar 1871 – 20 Dec 1892. 19 items

(4) Lease of offices at No 19 Leadenhall Street, London, from the Hudson Bay Company to IR Engledew, for 21 years at an annual rent of £450, dated 3 May 1881. 4pp

(5) Letting Agreement between Mrs EMS Dunn and others and Messrs Hartley & Co, Steamship agents, for ground floor and basement offices at No 30 Lime St, London, dated 11 Feb 1911. For four and a half years, rent £220. 5pp

(6) Account Statement, B Hartley in account with James Hartley & Co, for ‘Millers Wharf’ and Agency business to 30 June 1870. Dated 19 Nov 1870. 1p

(7) Inventory of Effects at Miller’s Wharf, Smithfield, made 20 Apr 1874 by Messrs Jones Lang & Co, 5 King Street, Cheapside, London. Effects include books and sundries. The total valuation is £78 16s 6d. Attached is a page from the London Gazette, 27 Feb 1874, containing a notice by James Hartley and Co, Wharfingers, regarding sale of goods in store at the Wharf, which are unclaimed and for which charges have not been paid. 7pp

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