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City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd

also contains notes of leases, and the plan of a neighbouring building. The third plan is an outline of the premises, with no notes or measurements. 1925. [See also U370/H/038-041]




1871 - 1904


Company Accounts, unbound

Level: file Extent: c50 items Scope and Content:

Folder containing various unbound company accounts. These include the following: (i) Insurance Memos, 1881-85 (including memos of steamers casualties, and notes of policies of insurance existing 1 July 1885 and 1 May 1886); (ii) Marine Insurances, 1895-96; (iii) Coal prices and coal deliveries and freight realized, 1871-85; (iv) Outlay on Premises, 1881-85; (v) Additional Freight on Cattle, 1880-81; (vi) Memorandum of Profit and Loss, 1888-89; (vii) Abstracts/Memos of Rents and Rates, 1881-93, and 1900-01; (viii) General Expenditure at Cork, 1881-94; (ix) Yearly Totals 1872-93 (single sheet, recording total disbursements and receipts for each year under headings including coal, wages, dues, repairs, and others); (x) Note on earnings and depreciation, 1885-95; (xi) Note on apportionment of insurances old and new to brokers, 1892-93; (xii) Comparisons of Nett Profits (with memoranda of profit and loss), 1881-89; (xiii) Repairs to Steamers (Revenue Account), 1880- 84; (xiv) Summary Sheet, 1871-83 (gross receipts, expenditure, and earnings over 4 years); (xv) Monthly Memos of Profit and Loss, 1885-89; (xvi) Memo of rents and rates made 9 February 1904 and Premises purchased since 30 June 1892.




1894-1902, 1910, 1918


Account Statements, bundle

Level: file Extent: 16 groupings Scope and Content:

The bundle consists of groupings of sheets recording various accounts for a stated year. The first, for instance, is for 1894-95, and gives figures for the following accounts: Sundry Debtors, Sundry Creditors; Buildings and Plant, and Profit and Loss. Groupings for later years cover a more extensive number of accounts. Some, eg, 1911-12, include the printed Statement of Accounts for the Directors’ Report to Annual General Meetings. The account sheets are not signed or stamped as audited, and would seem to have been drawn up preparatory to the formal Statement of Accounts for AGMs. See also U370/A/014 above




1926 - 1927


Account Sheets 1926-27, loose

Level: file Extent: 5 sheets Scope and Content: Five loose account sheets, 1926-27. 1: Summary of Repairs to property for the year to 31 Dec 1926;

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