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Shares and Investments




1871 - 1936


Shares and Investments

Level: series Extent: 59 items Scope and Content:

Series of records relating to ownership of shares in the Company, and to Company share investments. Present are registers of members, recording names and details of owners of shares; ledgers, transfer deeds, and other records tracing the movement and transfer of shares, including probate registers documenting changes arising from the deaths of shareholders; and volumes and files relating to the administration of share ownership, dividends, and Company investments. The various records have been grouped together in virtual sub-series below. See 'Scope and Content' of each item, particularly the first in each group for further information. These records, particularly the registers, document the Company's share position and record key information on shareholders, revealing the range of people holding shares, from merchants, ships' agents, and colonels, to clergymen, gentlemen, and widows. U370/B/001-010: Registers of Members. Registers record information on 'Members' (shareholders) under the following headings: Names, Addresses, and Occupations of Members; Shares Held by Each Member (Aggregate, Distinctive Numbers); Amount paid or agreed to be considered as paid on the Shares of each Member; Date at which person's name was entered in Register as a Member; Date at which person ceased to be a Holder of any Share, and distinctive Numbers of the Shares; Date at which person ceased to be a Member; Folio of Register of Transfers and Charges; Remarks. The first volume begins with the names of those entered as members on 11 September 1871. In later folios (as names recur) this date field is usually left blank. When the aggregate of shares totals 20,000 (worth £200,000), the register is stamped and signed as 'sealed' by the chairman. The paper stamp used shows the arms of the company, based on Cork's civic arms, dated 1871. The final register present records that The British and Irish Steam Packet Company Ltd owned aggregate shares totalling 136,417 out of 140,000 by 1919.

U370/B/11-15 Share Ledgers. Ledgers consist of balance sheets documenting debits and credits on the share accounts of shareholders, including transfers [see 'Scope and Content', U370/B/011]

U370/B/016-018 are Register of Transfers of Shares and Other Charges in the List of Members of the Company, 1871 - 1919, and a register of shares transferred at board meetings (1905-18).

U370/B/019-035 Transfer Deeds/Guards are formal numbered certificates recording transfers of shares, from 1878 to 1919.

U370/B/036 Volume containing interest warrant coupons in respect of debenture bonds, ie bonds issued to raise funds. 1875-76 [blank]

U370/B/037-38 are Registers of Probates, recording details of administration and transfer of shares of deceased shareholders. 1872-1923.

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