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City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd

Steam Packet Co Ltd, in 1871. Length 208 feet, breath 33 feet, depth 16 feet (afterwards lengthened); three masts, schooner rig, straight stem, and had no figurehead. The vessel had rather a bad reputation for rolling , and was known as the “rolling Dodo”. She was subsequently sold to a Cardiff firm, and was running from there for many years’. Mounted on card, R Ward & Co Photographers, 2 Winthrop St Cork. 50cmX42cm (including mount).




1853 - 1894


Photograph - 'Cormorant'

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Photograph, black and white, showing cranes at docks and a masted vessel. A note on the back reveals it to be the Cormorant, built at Cork in 1853, by Pike, and taken over by the Company in 1871. The note also tells of the vessel serving for transport during the Crimean War, and being inspected by Queen Victoria. There is also an account of discussion with the Admiralty regarding the Company’s flag, which was thought to resemble that of the Admiralty. The Cormorant was broken up in 1894. Photo by R Ward & Co, 50cmX42cm.

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