Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



sum of 5 pounds sterl., in redemption of the ancient petty custom of both the Gates, which they had in mortgage, and in consideration of said smn by them to be paid the said Sheriffs, their executors, &c., to take up the said petty Customs, and the same to convert to their own uses till they be paid the sum of 5 pounds ster.; and we, the Mayor, &c., do give them sufficient warrant under our hands, provided that whenever the said Sheriffs shall be paid by us or our successors the sum of five pounds ster., then we to have the said Custom~, as in our former estate. Thomas Skyddy and Morris Goold sworn petty Serjeants. William Skyddy, Searcher and Gauger. James Miagh and Nicholas Verdun, petty Porters. James Power and Thomas Callynane, Pilots. Piers Wailing, one of the Yeomen. 25 Oct., 1613. Mr. Sheriff Goold is sworn Chamberlain of the City Revenue, and entered into recognizance before Sir Domk. Sarsfild, Knt., to hold just accounts, &c., li"i{e order to be taken for every other chosen to be the King's Sheriff of this City he~eafter. Mr. Domk. Tyrry, Ald., and Robert Miaghe fz. William, sworn Overseers this year. Mr. Rob'. Tyrry fz. Robert sworn Common Speaker. Rob'. Miagh fz. William, and Michrel Gallwey fz. James, are Sureties for Clement Tyrry, Serjeant at Mace. John Arthoure and Rob'. Miagh, do., for James Martell, Porter of North Gate. Domk.Walter and Rob'. Miaghe,do., forArthoure Skyddy, do. of South Gate. Rob'. Miagh and Morris Kynt, do., for Morris Goold, one of the petty Serjeants. 29 Oct., 1613. Forasmuch as there is great urgent occasions to use great sums of moneys, to be employed by the Corporation towards the redemi,>tion of such lands as are in mortgage from them, and towards the erecting of the walls of the City, now ruinous and ready to fall except speedily repaired; and to be also em- P.loyed in Dublin tour.hing the point of fines and the Fee Farme nf the

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