Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


this entry to be made a bye-law to continue for ever in the Court book, and all the Council of the City to sign the same, and every one so chosen Mayor and deposed that will not pay the said charges, and also every of those who shall allow them any footing, calling, or other name.of a Mayor, shall forfeit 100 pounds ster. a piece, half to the King, the other to them that will sue for the same, and all actions may be sued in the Chamberlain of the City's name, the like entry and bye-law to be observed for the Sheriffs. 8 Nov., 1613. It was agreed that the Mayor, &c.) their heirs, &c., shall be saved hannless by the Commonalty of this City touching any cost that may accrue unto them touching a bond which they passed under the Common Seal unto David Miaghe fz. James for the conveying of the small messuadges.parcell of the Mortmaine land lately in occupation of Teig Fieglimy, butcher unto. said David.. 10 Nov., 1613. John Goold fz. William is admitted free in consideration of 208; ste~ Michrel Walter was admitted free in consideration of 208. ster. allowed by Mr. George Goold fz. Edmond to be deducted of the money expressed in his token and due upon the Corporation.. . 4 Oct.,_ 1613 .. Mem. Curire Civ. Corck, tempore David Tyrry fz. David, Maiorls, Edmoudl Goold fz. George et Philippi Pounch fz. John, vicecom. eJusdem Civitatis.. 11 Oct., 16.1~ Mr. John Meade fz. John was elected Recorder of this City, and is t;Q have !or his fees as Mr. Andrew Skyddy, and others his predecesson; had, and Mr. Edmond Tyrry, Ald., to be his Attorney till his coming· into this kirigdom. · Edward Myllee is sworn Sword Bearer this year. James Martell and Arthoure Skyddy~ Porters.. Clement Tyrry and Stephen Gallwey. Serjeants at Maca 19 Oct., 1613. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that the Sheriffs, Mr. Edmond Goold and Mr. Philip Poun~h, shall pay unto William :Meade and Clement Skyddy th& . . 6-2.

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