Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



25 Sep., 1609. Robert Tyrry fz. Robert, in consideration of his service and pains taken about the surveying and mearing of the co. of the City of Corke, was admitted to the station and advancement of a Councellor of the said City, and hath accordingly taken his oath before the Mayor, Recorder and Council at Court, as other Councellors have done. 2 Oct., 1609. Mem. Curire civitatis Cork tempore Edmondi Gallwey maioris, Edwardi Roche et Henrici Gould fz. Piers, Vicecomitum civitatis predictre de novo elect, secundum consuetudinem ejusdem · civitatis, die Lunre prox. post festum Sa.ncti Michrelis, viz., secunda die Octobris, Anno 1609. 8 Oct., 1609. Sir Dominick Sarsfield, Kth, is chosen Recorder for thi$ year. James Miagh is sworn Sword Bearer. Walter Coppinger is sworn Serjeant of the Mace. Stephe,n Gallway fz. Geffry is sworn another Serjeant of the Mace. John Skyddy is sworn Water Bailiffe. -James Martell is sworn Porter of the North Gate. Arthur Skyddy is sworn Porter of the South Gate.. Richard Gowld is sworn Jailor. Thomas Harrington is sworn Marshall, and is to find good sureties for the saving harmless of the Sheriffs of the co. of the City. Robert Gallwey' is sworn Searcher for this year. 16 Oct., 1609. Patrick Roch sworn Pettiserjent. David Creaugh sworn Pettiserjent. James Miagh.fz. Richard sworn Pettiporter of the North Gate, to continue during his good behaviour, for this year. Nicholas Verdon is sworn Pettiporter of the South Gate, during good behaviour, for this year. Philip Gowld fz. Nicholas is sworn Yeoman for·this year. Richard Gallwey is sworn Pillot for this year. ·

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