Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



and be due unto said City, viz., the fourth part of the whole moiety of said prize wines now in their hands and not mortgaged, and also the fourth of all the customs of such wines not pdzable, viz., the fourth part of 26s. 8d., out of every ton of Spanish wines, and the fourth part of 20s. out of every ton of Gascoyne wiues, on condition that whenever the Mayor, &c., shall pay said Meade 125 pounds, betwixt 1 May and 31 July any year, then to repossess ·their estate. Same day the Mayor, &c., grant a similar mortgage, by deed bearing date 27 Aug., 1609, to Walter Coppinger fz. James, for 125 pounds, similar conditions as above. 30 Aug., 1609. Jury empannelled to enquire whether the stone house, now to be erected by John Roche fz. John, without the north gate of the City of Corck, upon lands some time in the tenure of John Creaughe, dec., may be prejudicial in any way hereafter to the City and Corporation :- Thomas Gowld fz. William, of Corck, gent.; Nicholas Gowld, gent.; James Gallway fz. John, gent.; Philip Gowld fz. Garrett, Robert Gowld, Edmond Martell fz. Philip, Stephen Skyddy fz. George, John Tyrry fz. Francis, · Henry Verdon, gent. ; Adre~~..L.$ent. ; Michrel Gallway fz. James, William Tyrry fz. Richard, Piers Tyrry fz. Francis (Jurati). · 1'he Jury found that no prejudice to the City, &c., would ensue from the building of·said house ~r work now abuilding by said John Roch. Per Thomam Gould, et Socios Suos. The said Jury were also empannelled and sworn, to enquire whether it were lawful for Edward Roche fz. John to build as he did, or no, upon the stone wall of David Tyrry fz. Stephen and Gennett Roche, widow. The jury found that the wall in controversy between Tyrry and Roche is a party wall, along from the street to the king's wall, and payment made for so much of that wall as was covered by Mr. Patrick Gallwey and John Creaugh, dec., and.the rest of the wall unpaid for, for which David Tyrry is to receive payment for so much as the said Edward hath builded, or hereafter shall build, upon the said wall, as two indifferent men, chosen by both parties, shall award. Per Thomam Gould, et Socios Suos. ~


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