Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



all charge and tallage of the same as other freemen are, &c., otherwise to retire to their natives, that upon their oaths they deliver the total of their stock before the Mayor, &c., and out thereof rateably to pay a fine to the corporation of ten pounds out of the hundreth, and failing, their goods to be seized till the sum be satisfied to the receiver of the city revenue. And as said law has not provided any fine to be imposed upon everyone of said city that would retain to his servant or prentice any such person so borri out of the city, without first giving good assurance for performance of said bye-law, and so other evasions from the true meaning of same. It is there- fore enacted and made a bye-law by the Mayor, &c., assembled at the Guild- .hall of said City, by mutual consent, that no person of this city shall keep as his partener, or servant, or prentice, any man's son born without the said city, whose parents being not natives nor any artificers' sons within said city, but only freemens' sons of the same, viz., such freemen as were mer- chants or gentlemen dwelling within said city, until such prentice or ser- vant shall first find sufficient security to perform said bye-law upon pain of forfeiture of xxi li. for every default, to be levied of the goods of every person taking to his service any such strangers without such security. This fine to be levied by such as shall be appointed for that purpose to the use of the Corporation. And the bodies of such offenders may be arrested and committed to gaol for performance of same. And it is concluded that the Mayor, &c., and every Mayor hereafter, shall see collected the said fines, on pain of one hundred pounds to be levied of the goods of the said Mayor for the use of the Corporation, and it is agreed, that if any such servant, prentice, or partener shall marry within this city according to the former proviso that he shall dwell in said city with his wife to be contributory to the city charge, and if he shall depart with his wife to make his dwelling in any other cor- poration or place out of this City, that every person so offending shall pay ten pounds out of the hundred, as others restrained .by the said bye-law. 3 .Aug., 1609. It was made a bye-law by the Mayor, &c., for the better enabling of the Corporation to pay their debts and to discharge their prize wines out of mortgage, and for making up their common works, that the several customs hereunder specified shall be levied out of the particular commodities, vic- tuals, wares, &c., hereunder expressed, from the date hereof, until the expi-

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