Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



in the Almshouse in the north suburbs of Cork built by said Brettridge, viz., 18d. a week to each of said poor men every Saturday morning, for ever, and 20s•. yearly to each of the said seven poor men on 28 Oct. yearly, to buy them a-long frize· coat to .keep them warm, with a hat and a pair of shoes, the surplus of said rents, &c.. t~ be dispose4 f!f towards binding apprentice the children of pooD soldiers of the Frotest~nt rehg~on, and if such be had in the City or liberties of Cork, if p.ot, to such P<?Or children of Prot~stants who are not able to put them out, &c. I constitute my Wife to have the appomtment of said poor men and children during her life. Re- mainders-1st, Francis Hartstong; 2ly, hiss. and h. Standish Hartstong; 3ly, Arthur Hartstong, second son of said Francis ; 4ly, the Mayor and Recorder of Uork, and the Minister of S. Mary Shandon, and their successors, any two, of which the Minister. of S. Mary Shandon to be one." 1686, Nov. 4. Timothy Tuckey, Ald~, in- consideration of his having·spent £.50;in, the entertainment of the Ormond, Lord-Lieut., when he (Tuckey) was Mayor.· of Cork, obtained a lease for 95 years from 1680, at 5s. per an., of the Waste land and' watercoun;e outside the City walls eastwards, &c. Note.-This lease was afterwards converted into a. fee farm grant in favour of the Aldn'• son, at £12 per an. . Mac~s, Sword, and other. Ensignes of the .Corporation. 2 ~laces, contain- Orig. mg 63~ o~ at 5s. 3d., 1 Oh. lOs. 9d. ; making and engravmg at 2s. 6d., MS. 7li. 17s. 6d.-52 oz. in Sheriffs' Maces, at 5s. 3d., 13li. 13s. · making and en- gr:tvin~ at 2s. 6d., 6li. lOs.- Pocket 1\:f~ce, 7oz. at 5s. 3d., lli, 168: 9d.; making ~nd: engravmg at 28. 6d., 17s.1Jd.-Waterballlffs oar, 17 oz. at 58. 3d., 3h. l3s. 6d.; makmg and engraving, lli. 15s. -City seal, making and silver, lli. lOs.-Mayoralty seal, lli. 58. -~word, 20 oz, at 5s. . 3d., 5li. 5s., mak.i?g and·engraving·2li;; scabbard, 35s., gilding,, 3h., blade, lOs.; 12l~. lOs. Total, 67h. 198. Dublin Castle, 4 Aug. 1691. Mr. Carleton, eo~ctor of their Majesties T Customs in ~he port of Cf!rk, h_a-ving pai~ to t~ Earl of Marlboro' £800 rvn:i~. of the pubhc revenue, which his· Lordship reqmred on the unfortunate accident of the- blowing·up-·of the Breda .Frigate, wherein was the cash for the forces, having oot enly the Earl's receipt fer the money, but making affidavid of his payment he applies unto. us for a warrant- to allow them on passing his accounts with the Auditor-Gene11al. Ordered, that he be allowed a warrant for £800. 1692, July 2& CoL Thomas Becher· to be governor of the Island of lnshirken, near the· harbour of Bal.timo"!e, salary lOB. per day, to be· Book,. placed on the military list, &c. lii. . lSS .. Remaining·in their·Majesties Stores, 1' Dec., 1692. Cork, a quantity of Culm, and 675·empty bags, whale and broken. Brandy Spirits, 358 gal- lons., 187 bushels. Oats, 3006 bushels: English Beef, 51 casks, 4-lbs. 7725. English pork, 41: casks, 2lb. 8979: Bisket, 7·bags, lbs. 7759. WMa.t and: Rye 858 bushels. To. ~e King, 169-3, MM. 17~ the· Petition of the Earl of lnchiquin T.teas . "Waa seized of a large Mansion house adjoyning the city of Cork, before· ury- Brit. Mus; And.MSS. 21. 136•. said city was besieged in 1690; said heuse being left standing by the Governor of the City in the late King-James' government, when the other pa~:t of the suburbs were fired,. looing under the command of the Fort, where it could not annoy the be- sieged. That on the approach of your Majesties forces the Earl of Clancarthy, out of revenge to yoll.l' petitioner's father, both then in your Maj. Service, caused said house to be bui"nt. Tha.t the estate of said Earl: of Clancarthy is forfeited unto your Majr, on which are several woods near·the City of Cork, may it please your Majr to grant to your Petitioner 200 tuns of timber out of said woods, to rebuild said house.'' -INCHIQUIN. Whitehall Chambers, Jan. 18, 1693-4. "That the Earl be gratified in 200 tuns of timber, such as Mr. Johu .Naish, purveyor for providing timber in this kingdom for building ships of war, shall mark as unfit for naval service." 1693, Sep. 22. Dionitia Hull, widow, petitions the P. C.: "After the Irish Book•. reduction of Cork, a house belonging to her. was .employed by the fire- iii. 345 ... masters, and so continued a year and half qwte rwned, value. £18 per an. d

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