Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals

. ANNALS OF CORK. . and progno~ticate, fell out too trlle a.nd doleful, in the utter ruin _and consumption of a rich and wealthy Cittie." 1624, Dec. 10. The Lord Deput:r of Ireland to Sir William Hull one. · · XXlll of the Council of Munster, protection for 30 days for Captain Claes Cam- Stpte pane a Dutch pirate who desires to submit himself, his ship and goods to apers. -the kings mercy. . . 1625, Feb. The names of -those that bought goods of the Pirate Claes Campane at Lymecon in the west of Ireland involving the Lord Deputy and others. Martin Harman bought of this pirate to the value of 200li. Justice Bradye as was thought was partner with him in the disbursements. The pepper cost 6-ld. per pound the wax cost 6d.-Thomas Neale of Bandon bridge bought 2 bales of pepper -containing 700 weight at 8d. per pound and 100 of Barbary hides wet in the hair-A -chest of cheney roots was bought of Campane 150 weight at 5s. per pound. Sir Will. Hull knows who had them.-Joshua Boyle of Waterford bought one cheat of camp_hor .000 weight at least, toba'Cco 14 rolls, pepper 1000 weight, cloves 212 li. wei~ht. Ele- phants teeth 3, red Muscovy hides 5 dozen. The two Whites of Oorkhcarr1ers, there -dwelling can discover much for they carried for most men, and boug t much them• ·selves-Mr. Jeremye Roston near Kinsale bought tobacco and pepper as he confesseth to me himself. Mr. Luxtone near Bandon Bridge bought 300 weight of pe:pper-Mr. N ewcomen of the bridge bought 800 weight of pepper and as he told me himself Sir Will. Hull sent 40 horseloads of pepper to Kinsale-Mr. Richardson of Plymouth -sent 500 weight -of pepper from Baltimore which he bought of Campane, witness ,James Stanley searcher there. Mr. Nicholas Ashwood of Cork confessed to me that the Deputy had from the pirate 6000 weight of pepper and near upon 2000 weight of wax-Mr. Henry Turner sf B'nden Bddn teuzh* ---~1-~ I ' t ' )( t1 ' ' T

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