Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



liberties to pay and contribute their due and proportionable shares from time to time towards the billeting of such soldiers as either are or hereafter· shall be billeted and garrisoned in the City of Corcke, or failing so to do, to appear before us by the first day of the next Easter term, by their Agent sufficiently instructed and authorized to show cause to the Contrary.-WENTWORTH. To the Right H on. the Lord Deputie. The.. humble Petition of Sr. Thomas \Vaineman, Knt., his Lieutenant, Ensigne, 'and Sergeant, and the rest of the Company, Most humbly sheweth, that whereas your Petitioners have for a long time lain in garrison within the City of Corcke, where they ought to have had and received competent billet-moneys for their lodging, &c., so it is. May it please your Lordship, that ever since the chief officers and the citizens of the said City have refused, and still do refuse, to pay unto your· Petitioners, Sir Thomas W aineman, his said officers and company, the same and for the space of five or six years have not satisfied your said petitioner, Sir Thomas, one pennie, and are behind with your petitioners, the Lieut., Ensign, Serjeant, and the rest of the Company, one whole year; and unless your petitioner, Sir Thomas W aineman, his said Lieut., Ensign, Serjeant, and the rest of the Company will take what they please to give, they shall have nothing, to the great prejudice of your petitioners in general. May it therefore please your Lo}Y. to take this your suppliant's petition into your honour's serious consideration, and to be so nobly pleased to. prescribe unto your suppliant, Sir Thomas Waineman, and particularly to his said Lieut., Ensign, and Serjeant, such competent and fitting billet-money respectively, for the future, as shall stand with your Lordship's most grave wisdom to be paid likewise to them by the Mayor, or other such officers of the said City as your Lop. ~hall think fit, in such manner and form as your Lo}Y. shall appoint, and that it would .please your Lo~. to take the like course for the soldiers in general, requiring the said Mayor and other officers not only hereafte~ duly to observe your Lop's. directions therein, at their peril, but also to satisfy and pay unto your petitioner, Sir Thomas, his Lieut., Ensign, and Serjeant, severally and respectively their arrears, after the same proportion your Lop. shall be now pleased to set down, and likewise to said soldiers particularly. And your Pet. will ever pray.

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