Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



12 Nov., 1632. Reed. from James Morrough, Ald., the two bonds wherein Sr. James Bar- rett, Knt., Domk. Tirry, Ald., and George Walters are bound for 95li. for the payment of 4 7li. 4s. 6d., the other bond for like sum, both being dated 30 Oct., 1628, which bonds were delivered to the Recorder same day, at his going to Dublin to solicit on behalf of the Corporation. 6 Dec., 1632. It was agreed that the Mayor, &c., shall tax the inhabita:ats of the City and County thereof in the sum of 60li. ster., viz., 30li. for the reparation of the walls of said City, the other 30li. towards the entertainment of Sir · Thomas Weyman's foot company. 22 May, 1633. . Whereas the Corporation made sale unto Harry Gould fz. Adam, Ald., of ten barques, a mark a butt out of every barque ; the said HaiTY received the above day, in part payment, at the hands of James Mlawne, one barque, so as there is now payable unto said Harry but sixty-two pounds. 27 June, 1633. Mem. By consent of the Mayor, &c., it was agreed that the building by George Tirry, late dec., erected in the south side of said George's house over the river next to the Marine Gate, shall not go forward, according to the ·verdict given by the Jury in Edmond Martell's time, until it be recovered . otherwise, and that the Mayor shall be saved harmless from any suit, &c. It is agreed by consent of the Maior, &c., in open Court, that King Charles' Charter for the staple wool and other commodoties of staple ware, that the stapelers shall receive the benefit thereof to the use of this Corporation. By virtue whereof we require the Mayor of the staple for the time being to put said Charter in execution from time to time, and collect and levy all duties belonging to any kind of staple ware for the benefits aforesaid. A note of the goods praised in WiUiam Roche's year, 1632. Forasmuch as it appeareth unto us in open Court that Gilbert and his wife, about two years ago, engaged unto Prudence Harlewing, now widow, the several parcels for 6li.10s., we, upon the request of said Prudence, have

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