Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



in time as they are not able in person to undergo that charge, It is agreed that James Gould fz. Nicholas shall exercise the office of Clerk of the Mar- ket, as Mayor's deputy, and shall assay weights and measures with as full power as the Maior, and receive the usual duties, perquisites, &c., to his own use as in the last proclamation from the Lord Deputy and Council is men- tioned. 12 May, 1628. It is agreed that the Mayor, &c., shall enter any house in this City and Liberties where they shall suspect any store of grain, corn, oats, or meal, to be hoarded up, and bring so much as they think fit to the market upon market days, there to be sold for the relief of the poor inhabitants and his Majies. subjects. 80 May, 162-8.. Patrick Galwey fz. Edward is sworn free paying 20s. to Stephen Galwey, Swordbearer, in part of his ·entertainment. James Mlawne is sworn free paying 33s. 4d. 12 May, 1628. Richard Martell fz. David is elected Marshal of this City, to have all fees, &c., belonging to said office as Donogh Murfie had, and accordingly he took his oath and put in sufficient security before the Mayor, &c., to answer for all escapes which shall happen, to be obedient to the Mayor, &c., and give on every Court day due attendance at court. P A. TYRRY, Maior. STEPa GooLDE, Vic. J A. FITZGERALD, Vic. 30 June, 1628. · It was enacted in the time of William Hore, Mayor, that no master of any Company within this City shall give entertainment to his company but once a year, as by the bye-law. Now the said law is by the Mayor, &c., ratified, and it is further enacted that the several Companies of this Corpo- ration shall without any distinction in future have but one master, and if any shall take any entertainment more than once a year, or shall traduce or scan- dalize his master for want of hospitality, or be defective in yielding due obedience unto him upon notice given according the usual form, then every person so offending shall forfeit the sum of ten shillings, toties quoties, to I be levied by way of distress by the Chamberlain.

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