Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


the common revenue of the City, and shall be prosecuted with all ear- nestness, and that the Mayor, &c., be saved harmless or any charge they may incur by such prosecution. 19 Dec., 1627. David Mead fz. John, in consideration of 15 pounds ster. by him paid to John Gould, Chamberlain, towards the urgent wants of this City, is by con- sent of the Mayor, &c., admitted a Councellor of this City. (Conditions as 9 June, 1626.) . Stephen Gould fz. Peerce is sworn a Councillor in consideration of 8 pounds. John Gould fz. James do. paying eleaven pounds. James Mathew fz. James do. paying do. Patrick Arthoure fz. John do. paying 15 pounds ster. (Conditions as 9 June, 1626.) Christopher Gould fz. James do. paying 20 pounds. (Conditions. as 9 June, 1626.) 5 March, 1627. Adam Gould fz. Peerce is admitted a councillor paying 20 pounds. (Con- ditions as 9 JUn.e, 1626.) 22 Jan., 1627. It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that Mr. David Tyrry fz. David, AI~., now employed Agent for Dublin, shall have 5s. per day during this term, and has received 10 pounds, for which he is to be accountable on oath at his return. 27 Feb., 1627. Whereas direction came from the Lord President for charging this Cor- por.ation with twenty men and twenty horse, at 12d. per day for every one, from 18 Dec. last until 19 June next which charge this Corporation is not able to yield unto, and also for a contribution out of the county of this city for repairing the bridge of Annejboy, being in the county at large. It is agreed in open Court that David Tyrry, Esq., now Mayor, .shall take a journey to Mugilie to confer with his Lordship concerning the qualifying of that charge as concerning that demap.d of contribution and other matters,

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