Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



14 Dec., 1627. James Creagh is sworn a freeman paying 33s. 4d. 3 Oct., 1627.

This day, Melchior Lavalline, in c,onsideration of 10 pounds paid in hand and likewise 100 pounds byway of loane for one year towards the wants of the Corporation, is by consent of the Mayor, &c., elected one of the council on the usual terms. 22 Oct., 1627. Where there were several fines imposed upon such Mayors and Sheriffs as had ·been elected officers of this Corporation and should refuse to undergo same, as appeareth by a law dated 4 Oct.• 1624:, and some doubt did arise whether said officers should be discharged of said offices for the ensueing year upon satisfaction of said fines, It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that the usual)ines imposed be collected for contempt, and shall not discharge them from executing the several offices for the year ensueing. Where the price of com is unreasonably enhanced, which we conceive to proceed from the liberty that forestallers and regraters do assume, and have escaped hitherto with impunity, though the common laws of the realm have sufficiently provided against such malefactors, We; the Mayor, &c., to prevent like enormity for the future, do make a bye-law, that what- soever man or woman shall forestall the market hereafter, or buy any corn but at the market, besides such inflictions as by law shall be laid on such offenders, shall for every barrel of wheat he shall forestall pay· the City 3s., for every barrel of barley 2s., for every barrel of oats 12d., for every barrel of meale 2s., to be levied by the Chamberlain for the use of the Corporation, for which he may also distrain by action in the Tholsell, whereto no manner of law shall be admitted. 17 Dec., 1627. It is in open Court agreed by the Mayor, &c., that whatsoever charge shall be expended for the maintenance of the liberties, royalties, and priviledges of the Corporation in the creeks, members and branches of the harbours of Corke, whereupon my Lord Barry and his ministers and officers have made roads and encroachments of latter times, shall be defraid out of

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