Sophie O'Brien Descriptive List (Ref. PR25)


List of Items

A: Writings

1. January 1887 Pamphlet in French, by Sophie Raffalovich (Sophie O’Brien) entitled ‘Lord Shaftsbury Sa Vie et Ses Travaux’, extracted from the Journal des Economistes . 23pp 2. (1937) 24 August 1945 MS. ‘Recollections of Youth, Middle Age and Old Age’, by Mrs. William O’Brien (Sophie O’Brien). 11 vol. (459pp) (1937) 1945 ‘Recollections of a Long Life’, autobiography, by Mrs. William O’Brien (Sophie O’Brien). Typescript containing 35 chapters. Subjects include her childhood, education, life in Paris, marriage to William O’Brien, the political situation in Ireland, and her life in Ireland. 467pp 4. c.1945 MS ‘Notes to be added to Recollections’, by Sophie O’Brien. Additional material for inclusion in the autobiography, mainly relates to her earlier years. 124pp 3.

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