Sophie O'Brien Descriptive List (Ref. PR25)


Group photograph inscribed ‘Editor Wm. O’Brien and Correspondents who accompanied him to Canada’. Shows Charles Ryan of Dublin Freeman’s Journal, Daniel F. Kellogg of New York Sun, William O'Brien M.P., editor of United Ireland, J.M. Wall of New York Tribune, Denis Kilbride ‘The Evicted Tenant of Luggacurren’, James Clancy of New York Herald, and James A. Gill of New York World. (Photo. by C.D. Fredricks 770 Broadway, New York). 23 x 18 cm 37 1890 Photograph of Rev. David Humphries being followed by 2 policemen in uniform. Inscribed ‘Shadowing in Tipperary’. 15 x 15 cm 38 c.1890 Photograph of Mrs. John Martin. Inscription at rear ‘John Mitchel’s Sister Married John Martin M.P. 1868. Both men died 1875. She wanted to marry Devin Reilly, but Mitchel preferred Martin. Maxwell Simpson M.D.F.R.S., Second Professor of Chemistry, Queens College Cork 1870-91, a Young Irelander, married Martin’s sister’. (Photo. by Abernethy, Belfast) 10 x 14 cm 39 October 1890 Photograph of street scene in Tipperary, showing armed police/army blocking the street. Inscribed ‘Col Caddell hides his face’. 10 x 8 cm 40 October 1890

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