Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/5/ (FILE 5 )

O'Hegarty, Secretary Dáil Éireann) enclosing a copy of the resolution put before the Dail and promising to forward his report on the school (Limerick Technical Institute) when its completed. Written in Irish. (No enclosures) 6 July 1920 1p 73 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Diarmuid O'Hegarty (Secretary Dáil Éireann) acknowledging receipt of his letters and noting that he will reply in English in case Arthur Griffith (Acting President Dáil Éireann) wants to use the letter. 7 July 1920 1p 74 Printed pamphlet issued by Michael Collins, Minister for Finance, announcing the closure of the Dáil Éireann Loan Issue on 17 July 1920 which presently stands at £295,000. 7 July 1920 1p 75 7 July 1920 See copy PR4/5/74 1p 76 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Diarmuid O’hEigceartuigh (Diarmuid O'Hegarty, Secretary Dáil Éireann) concerning the difficulty arising in Professor Stockley's action against the Daily Mail including the problem of financial responsibility and the difficulty of finding copies of the newspaper from Irish agents that are needed to ensure the case is not tried in England. 7 July 1920 2pp 77 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Paid O'Donoghue, Lakefield, Coachford, asking for details on the foundation of Parish and District Courts in Mid Cork. 9 July 1920 1p 78 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to A. de Staic (Austin Stack, Substitute Minister for Home Affairs), noting that the Parish Courts in Mid Cork have been formed and the District Courts will follow soon. MS postscript by MacSwiney asks if Liam de Roiste, T.D., has supplied particulars or if he needs to forward them. 9 July 1920 1p 79 Copy letter from MacSwiney to L.T. Mac Cosgair (William T. Cosgrave), Department of Local Government, detailing his willingness to act on the proposed Commission and requesting a week's notice of any forthcoming meetings.

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