Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/5/ (FILE 5 )

Tipperary, noting that both an increase in building costs and the threat of the English Government to seize grants has seriously hindered housing plans and is therefore now a matter for Dáil Éireann to deal with and not just for the Association of Municipal Authorities. 26 June 1920 1p 66 An t-oglach The Official Organ of the Irish Volunteers Volume II Number 14 1 July 1920 1 item 67 Initialled copy notice by MacSwiney detailing the amount of revenue generated by the renewal of licences and noting that in future such revenue will be a matter for local government administration. Also requests that instructions be sent out to the various executives regarding procedures for new income tax forms. 5 July 1920 1p 68 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Diarmuid O'Hegarty (Secretary Dáil Éireann) enclosing a letter from Art O'Connor (Ministry of Agriculture) regarding the cutting down of Ballyvourney woods. Suggests that a General Order be issued concerning the felling of trees but firstly a poster be erected explaining to the people of Ballyvourney what the current situation is. Written in Irish. (No enclosure) 5 July 1920 1p 69 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Art O'Concobhur (Art O'Connor), Ministry of Agriculture, suggesting that guidelines be issued to prevent the unauthorised destruction of woods. Cites the regrettable destruction of Ballyvourney Woods by authorised contractors as an example of this current and ongoing problem. 5 July 1920 2pp 70 5 July 1920 See copy PR4/4/49 71 Initialled copy resolution submitted by MacSwiney supporting the appointment of a locum tenens in the absence of any Dail member from his constituency. Emphasises the great need for a locum tenens or substitute member in order to create a fully efficient administration and details that substitute members will not hold full rights but will be elected by their constituency. 6 July 1920 1p 72 Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney to Diarmuid O’hEigceartuigh (Diarmuid

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